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Jun 16, 2017 12:05 PM

Best Infused Edibles for Your Summer

Summer is the season of joy and adventures. This time of a year is full of sleepless nights, parties with friends, and unforgettable vacations. To add a little spice, fill your summer of 2017 with delicious cannabis-infused edibles.

Watermelon Rings

Summer is the time of sweets. There are many cannabis-infused edibles that can fill a hot day with sugary happiness. However, nothing says “summer” more than watermelon rings. This fruit is one of those things that makes this season tasty and fresh. A ripe watermelon always can refresh you on a hot summer day. Though these marijuana rings are not as juicy, they have other advantages The taste of these sweets will remind you of your childhood.

In addition, these rings are widely used for medical purposes. It is always better to combine medicine with pleasure.

Peach Sour Gummies

An infused products manufacturer form Colorado, Wana Brands is already famous for its original Sour Gummies that make you fall in love with the weed-infused edibles. However, the release of the new peach flavor will make the gummies an even better summertime choice. Just like watermelons, peaches strongly associate with summer. This flavor is a perfect choice—it is both sweet and sour. Besides, who does not like this fruit? Even if you are not a fan of peaches, the gummies can change your mind.

6 Great Cannabis Gummies That Bring You Back to Childhood
6 Great Cannabis Gummies That Bring You Back to Childhood
Why are cannabis-infused sweets so popular among adult consumers? It is obvious, because they remind us of our childhood treats, especially if they are funny gummies that come in a lot of flavors and shapes that are available in the weed market today.

Raspberry Star Bars

Choosing the best marijuana edibles, given the ever-growing variety of options, could be quite an ordeal. Considering the popularity of the raspberry flavor, we decided to add Dr. J's new sweets. The company's Star Bars are offered all year around. However, we feel like summer is the best time to try them. The combination of white chocolate and raspberry will satisfy any connoisseur. This form of edibles is also the most universal one. You can either eat this chocolate on its own, add it on top of your ice cream (or any other dessert for that matter), or complement it with a cup of coffee or cold juice.

Cannabis and Chocolate Make the Perfect Edible
Cannabis and Chocolate Make the Perfect Edible
Many cannabis connoisseurs believe that weed and chocolate are an ideal combination. The flavor of the latter masks the hashy notes of marijuana perfectly. Besides, they share chemical cousins—THC and anandamide.

Alpine Glacier

Blue Kudu's premium chocolate in combination with mint creates an exotic flavor that is rich and refreshing at the same time. If you have ever tried regular mint chocolate, you know the uniqueness of its taste. Here, the sweet bar will not only impress your taste buds but will also give you an incredible high. Each package contains 10 doses and 100mg of THC; this is more than enough for a summer weekend at the seaside. No matter where you go on your vacation—mountains, an archaeological expedition, a lake, or a simple car ride, this infused edible will always be a good friend for you. (Remember that driving a car under the influence can be dangerous.)

Nectar Bee Icicles

The Nectar Bee Icicles by the Green Solution was the coolest infused edible marijuana gurus could create. Although this company's other sweets are quite good, this one is slightly more useful at summer, as an icicle can refresh you more than other products. These infused treats have a sweet flavor of grapes and cherries.

Of course, when it comes to good cooling, ice cream always remains an appealing option. For example, Orange Sherbet Ice Cream by Dankstone Creamery is a good alternative to the popsicles. Each pack contains 50mg of THC; a dose that should perfectly suit even the beginners.

Root Beer

The last but not the least is an alcoholic drink for your evenings with friends—Dixie Elixir Limited Edition Memorial Root Beer. This infused beverage provides you with 100mg of THC. Moreover, in addition to the tasty treat, you get a chance to actually help people. This line was released with a mission to help veterans. The company's main aim is to help injured and disabled people. Buying this Root Beer, you donate 50 cents to the Veterans Sportsman Alliance that helps veterans embark on outdoor adventures and find the strength to enjoy their life.

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