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Mar 20, 2016 9:07 AM

Best Liquid Cannabis Edibles From California

California is a place where cannabis edibles producers can start and expand their businesses, while patients and devotees of marijuana-infused products can enjoy their variability. The choice is no longer limited to weed-infused cakes and cookies. The market is now full of attractive, creative, and fun medical products. Here is the list of the best liquid cannabis edibles that not only have a perfect appearance and the necessary potency but also are creative and healthy. The selection is corroborated by laboratory test results and is absolutely worth your attention.

Gravity Lock With Paris OG Strains of Weed by Goodies by MaGooch

Paris OG-infused Olive Oil is very handy. You can use it while cooking any dish you want, spicing your meal up with a low or high dosage of the edible. Goodies by Magooch infused their olive oil with 1300 milligrams of THC, which is made for approximately 30 servings. Gravity Lock hash-infused edible lets you enjoy your usual meal without thinking about the way it will affect your figure.

Habit Strawberry Soda by Natural Infusion

Habit Strawberry Soda is a drink that is made of real fruit and infused with 90 milligrams of THC. It contains no artificial flavorings and sweeteners and provides a perfect taste. However, some critics notice that one bottle is too much for one serving, so make sure you do not consume more of Strawberry Soda than you need.

Green Tea by House of Jane

Iced Tea is a great drink, especially on a hot summer day. House of Jane is a company that knows what you need to feel relaxed. That is why they made Green Tea infused with 80 milligrams of THC. This organic and natural beverage has a great taste and is rich in antioxidants. The critics state that this product does not have any cannabis flavor and provides you with an effective body high. Another reason why this drink is in our list is that it contains a very informative label. Green Tea is a great drink; weed-infused Green Tea is even better!

Pizza Sauce 500 mg by Clean Healing

This incredible product takes the first place in our list, as it is not only extremely tasty but also made for those who are looking for a healthy weed edible. Clean Healing is a new brand managed by Graham and Tatum Cohen that appeared in 2016 to win the hearts of all marijuana-infused products devotees. Pizza Sauce is a spicy dainty that contains no sugar and perfectly fits into your healthy lifestyle. The original medication is infused with 500 milligrams of THC and is made of high-quality ingredients. It is extra delicious, powerful, and extremely potent. You can use Pizza Sauce for its designated purpose or cook some pasta with it.