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May 29, 2017 12:05 PM

Best Subscription Boxes on Market

Subscription boxes are a widespread service that is offered by various companies. Each month, you get a box full of different goodies delivered to your door. Whether it is the beauty industry or confectionery, you can find this option almost everywhere. The cannabis industry is not an exception.

Image credit: SensiBox Facebook Community

Any stoner would love getting a box of weed paraphernalia each month for a fixed price. Besides, these boxes are always creative and contain something interesting. Unfortunately, most subscriptions do not provide flowers, unless you are from California. However, even without the actual pot in them, these packages bring immense joy to the people who receive them.

Most Unusual Californian Cannabis Edibles
Most Unusual Californian Cannabis Edibles
The market of weed edibles is expanding. Today, it is full of unusual products that are made specifically for those who have a sophisticated taste. Sometimes it is hard, however, to find exactly what you need.

As it is with any goods, there are some box offers that stand out among the others. For this article, we have chosen the best options for marijuana connoisseurs and ranked them according to the price.

Daily High Club

The first box we would like to present to you is provided by Daily High Club. This company deals with the best cannabis accessories on the market. They also offer their customers three variants of subscription boxes. The cheapest one can be purchased for just one dollar! This “All-Natural” option contains papers, filter tips, organic bee wick, and a matchbook. The price is truly amazing. The other two subscription boxes cost $12 and $30 per month and come without the additional shipping fee. The most expensive box offered for $30 is meant to contain $80 worth of goods.

420 Goody Box

You can get an amazing subscription at 420 Goody Box for only $9.95 a month. It contains all the essential paraphernalia. However, the company's most popular offer is a $22 box with a glass piece or a vape pen in it. In addition, there is a luxurious option for $80 with only top-shelf goods.


Arguably the most colorful subscription on our list is the one from SensiBox. Everything about it is bright and cheerful. There are two kinds of subscription—the SensiBoxToke for $20 and the SensiBox Original for $35. Every month, you get 8+ items including the essentials, glass gear, snacks for the munchies, and hemp products. In addition, the company customizes the purchase specifically “For HIM” and “For HER.”

The male versions of the box contain everything an experienced stoner needs. The female boxes also include eco-friendly jewelry and other knick-knacks to delight the ladies.

Hippie Butler

The company Hippie Butler has a wide range of products and various subscription boxes you can choose from. Their most popular offer costs $32.99 per month and contains glass and rolling supplies for different tastes. Hippie Butler also has a budget version for $11.99 that includes only the classical products. Also, if you are an experienced aficionado who has money to spend, you can opt for the comprehensive setup for $139.99.


Though there are a few boxes on our list that are not cheap, they mostly come as a luxury alternative to the budget variants. ClubM, in its turn, provides only one kind of subscription. The company offers only premium medical cannabis and professionally curated products. The MBox will cost you $97 a month. It includes concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, smokable flowers, and topicals. This is quite a list. You will also have to get a medical card to be able to subscribe.

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card
How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card
More and more states in the U.S. are approving medical marijuana legislation, but it does not mean that everyone can have access to cannabis. Even if you live in the state where weed is legal, you need to apply for a medical cannabis card.

Exclusive Offer (AuBox)

“Why is AuBox so exclusive?” you may ask. The case is that this subscription is only available in California. If you are lucky to live in this state, you can choose an option to your liking. It can be an edibles or intimates box, and even a package for your pet—anything your soul desires. All offers are loaded with gorgeous cannabis products for the price tag of $99-$140 per month. AuBox is definitely worth the money.