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Mar 18, 2016 9:53 AM

Best-Tasting Hybrid Strains

Buying marijuana, we all look for the most potent strains. What comes next, is the taste of our future smoke—it is the second most important quality of any cannabis strain. Here, we have gathered the tastiest marijuana hybrids. You should definitely try them all.

Lemon Kush

The only controversial thing about this strain is its genetics. There are many theories about the origins of Lemon Kush—one of the most famous hybrids. Some people say that it is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy, some say that it is a hybrid between Afghan Kush and the famous strain from Ohio, Lemon G.

Conversly, the thing that is perfectly clear about this strain is that it is considered to be one of the tastiest hybrid marijuana strains ever. It is known for its excellent citrus flavor, earthy kush undertones, and the sweet aftertaste. It is a perfect choice when the stress in your life makes you tired and irritated. The strain has uplifting effects and leaves you with a “lemony high." Now, if life gives you lemons, you know what to do with them.

Game Changer

Another tasty strain with citrus undertones on our list is Game Changer. This hybrid strain received its name rightfully. Game Changer can actually change your perception of marijuana buds and the effects that they provide. This hybrid is indica-dominant and derives from a wonderful combination of California and Thailand. The strain strongly resembles the flavor of that bubble gum from our childhood with its strong grape taste. Loud tropical fruit aroma makes the strain even more delicious. And after the initial minutes of the nostalgia about your childhood, your head will be full of light citrus undertones that bring you ease and unencumbered euphoria. Order it in an online dispensary and enjoy your life.

Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is a strain that practically screams of cherries. This old-school hybrid has a strong aroma that hits you immediately when you open a jar. And it is not an awful aroma to smell—you will enjoy every bit of it. The initial fruity taste of Black Cherry Soda is complemented by the soda-like undertones. Sweet and berry, the strain is one of the favorite choices of the stoners with a sweet tooth.

Black Cherry Soda is a perfect choice for medical purposes, as the strain is very potent and immediately hits you with light sedative effects. Despite its characteristic indica appearance, Black Cherry impacts you more like sativa strains do. You surely will not miss the thing if you see it—Black Cherry looks just as yummy as it tastes.

Blue Dream

Another favorite strain of all marijuana enthusiasts is Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant strain originates from and is most popular in California dispensaries. It is a combination of Blueberry and Haze. The mix creates one of the most delicious marijuana products on the market. The traditional blueberry sweetness in spiced by earthy, pine undertones that are common for Haze.

However, this berry delicacy is popular not only for its taste. It is also very popular among patients as a daytime remedy that brings quick and swift relief and provides calm euphoria. Blue Dream is effective in treating such symptoms as pain, nausea, and cramps. Moreover, the sweet taste of Blue Dream and its gentle influence make it the best remedy against depression. You do not even need to leave your apartment—order it in a headshop online.


The last strain is a favorite choice of the stoners who like sweet tropical flavors. Being a cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen, the strain combines their best qualities. Earthy notes of Space Queen turned out to be a perfect addition to the citrus flavor. The sweet taste is not the only advantage of the strain—it provides almost instant body and head high. At first, sativa effects dominate. You are energized, happy, and ready to chat with your friends all day long. In time, the previous uplift fades away and indica-dominant effects start to affect you—you feel sleepy and relaxed. And all that is left is peace and the sweet aftertaste of mangoes in your mouth.

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