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Apr 21, 2016 9:45 AM

Best Weed Shop in Denver. Which One to Choose?

Looking for the best weed shop in Denver? Let us arrange an excursion for you and show top 6 Denver marijuana dispensaries you will certainly like.

Lodo Wellness Center

LoDo Wellness Center was opened back in 2014 and is still one of the Denver favorites. This pot dispensary is a perfect place to have an amazing shopping experience. LoDo is hard to forget. It has a special atmosphere and provides both regular and occasional visitors with everything they may need. Moreover, LoDo Wellness Center has a very good position. It is located in the Lower Downtown Historic District and surrounded by famous hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants.

Medical patients receive member pricing, while veterans and students can count on member pricing every day. The dispensary is known for high-quality products and great service. Want to visit it? Do not forget to try its Purple Train Wreck.

Address: 1617 Wazee St #B


This mmj dispensary opened in 2014, and its name, THC, actually stands for “The Herbal Center.” The company is rather moderate in design but is still very popular with both Denver citizens and its visitors. This place is known for its Banana Kush, which sells like hot cakes. THC has one more advantage. Its attractive prices will not let you pass it. What THC lacks in cool decor it makes up for in the menu and prices.

Address: 1909 S Broadway


There are many reasons why Pure is an excellent place to visit. First of all, it has a lot to offer. More than 60 strains, concentrates, and the most delicious edibles for your consideration. All of them are smartly grown by master growers and are tested by an independent testing facility. Secondly, Pure provides its visitors with special membership packages to make your shopping not only pleasant but affordable. Moreover, Pure has special offers every day. Pure was established in 2014 and places exacting demands on its personnel and service. This head shop is probably one of the Denver’s best. Make up your mind about it after trying its Golden Goal.

Address: 1133 Bannock Street

Patient’s Choice

If you seek for effective and potent medication, visit Patient’s Choice. These guys certainly know what they are doing and are doing it with pleasure. Since the dispensary opened in 2009, it has gone a long way to become one of the best in the market. This head shop can boast of a large selection of high-quality marijuana products and various types of strains. Check out its Grandpa Larry, and you will not regret it. Moreover, the members of Patient’s Choice are provided with discounts.

Address: 2251 S Broadway

Mile High Green Cross

Mile High Green Cross was established back in 2009 and is up there with its competitors. Its bestseller, the Sour Grape weed strain, is not the only impressive product at this establishment. MHGC offers a large selection of organic soil-based cannabis, marijuana-infused edibles, and accessories to satisfy all your needs. This place stands out for its friendly atmosphere, pleasant aroma and lighting. It is always nice to visit MHGC head shop, buy its natural products, and talk to the helpful and responsive shop assistants that are ready to help.

Address: 852 Broadway


Back in 2009, LivWell was just a startup with a big dream to make marijuana products people would love. Today, this dream turned the Denver company into one of the best dispensaries in Colorado and a marijuana industry representative we cannot ignore. LivWell head shops will certainly impress you with their cleanness and friendly personnel. Some may say that the prices in LivWell are rather high, but, believe us, their products are worth it. Visiting Broadway shop, do not forget to buy the Blue Dream weed strain. It is absolutely incredible!

Address: 432 S Broadway

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