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Apr 21, 2016 8:20 AM

Buy Cannabis Seeds: What Should You Consider?

Since winter is finally over, it is now the right time to start growing medical cannabis. Unfortunately, not all states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana cultivation, but if you are lucky to enjoy the official right to grow weed, you should definitely try to do this. This process requires profound preparation, and buying the right cannabis seeds is probably the most important among them.

Why are Cannabis Seeds Better Than Clones?

Although most indoor growers choose to cultivate their marijuana plants from clones, we recommend you to start from weed seeds for a number of reasons. The most important benefit cannabis seeds bring you is that plants grown from seeds have tap roots. These roots can grow deeply into the soil and get enough water and nutrients even in the outdoor environments. In contrast, cannabis clones can produce only fibrous root systems that are less capable of absorbing nutrients from the soil.

On the market, there is a much larger variety of strains available as seeds than as clones. This abundance is very convenient for medical patients and people who are looking for customized levels of THC and CBD. There are several options for purchasing cannabis seeds. You can order them from online seeds banks or local growers. Most of the cannabis seeds banks offer an abundance of seeds from many growers and can deliver your order to any part of the world. But be aware that these seeds may vary in quality and be confiscated during shipping, as the U.S. law prohibits to mail cannabis derivatives to or within America. Thus, if you are a resident of the state where weed growing is legal, the best option for you is to buy seeds from local, legal cannabis businesses.

If you are still unsure about seeds, note that weed plants from seeds experience less stress while they grow and tend to bring a higher yield than clones. Moreover, they have less transplant shock when you move plants from indoors to outdoors. Besides, seeds give you a larger chance of growing a male plant necessary for breeding.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Seeds?

When you are looking for the best seeds to cultivate, you should keep several important things in mind.

Pay attention to recommended grow requirements, as some cannabis plants can be more finicky than others. If you want to harvest the best yield from your plants, consult a breeder or seed seller about peculiarities of cultivating a specific strain that may include average grow time and nutrient requirements.

Consider that sativas require more space than indicas. Sativa plants tend to grow larger and need more time to mature while indica plants usually grow hardier, smaller, and quicker. Thus, pot growers prefer to cultivate sativas outdoors; indicas adapt better to indoor growing.

The quality of weed seeds can be determined by their appearance. If seeds are immature, they are small, shriveled, brittle, and have a gray or light green color. Old seed look dry and crackled, avoid such seed if you can as they will not bring you a good yield. If you buy leftover seeds, keep in mind that they may be hermaphroditic or male, weak or exposed to diseases. Healthy seeds are dark brown with a glossy finish and firm shells. All seeds you buy should be stored in dark, air-tight containers at low temperatures.

You may have noticed that some sellers offer feminized seeds for a higher price tag than standard seeds. Pot breeders get such seeds by crossing two female plants or creating stressful conditions for a single female plant to make it pollinate itself. Thanks to these additional efforts, there is a guarantee that all plants from these seeds will be female.

Growing cannabis is one more exciting adventure that became available in the U.S. If you have already used this new freedom of cultivating weed, please share your cannabis growing tips with us in the comments below.

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