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Jun 28, 2017 12:05 PM

California to Allow County Fairs to Include Cannabis

County fairs have always been places for fun and entertainment. Their visitors enjoy taking part in hot dog eating competitions and cherry pie baking contests. However, California is not stopping there and is now considering letting cannabis businesses sell their products along with cotton candy and corn dogs.

A new legislation known as Senate Bill 94 was recently passed in the Golden State. According to it, pot companies can apply for special temporary licenses to vend their products at fairgrounds.

Hezekiah Allen, the head of the Growers Association in California, says the companies applying for such licenses will need to meet all the standard requirements and regulations in the state. They will have to ensure that only customers over 21 have free access to the points of weed sale and that the sale area is not visible.

Still, too many questions need to be answered. Can vendors sell weed if they already sell alcohol? Would the county fair have to choose one or the other? These issues will definitely cause numerous debates.

Allen believes that cannabis regulators will answer all the questions in just a couple of months.

Currently, most weed sales are made in dispensaries. The new bill is likely to take the herb outside those walls.

Another important highlight of the bill approved this week states that licenses for various types of cultivation will also be available for both medicinal and recreational marijuana activity.