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Jul 4, 2017 12:05 PM

Canadian Company to Grow Cannabis in Africa

Cannabis companies from Canada are expanding their business beyond their country’s borders.

LGC Capital, a famous Canadian investment company, has recently become partners with AfriAg to grow and distribute weed for medicinal and recreational purposes across Southern Africa.

According to John McMullen, the company’s CEO, LGC is likely to become the first company from Canada that would be licensed to both cultivate and export medical and recreational cannabis globally.

AfriAg is one of the biggest produce cultivators in the southern region of Africa. The company owns several greenhouses and some other agricultural facilities throughout the region.

Apparently, going global is a trend in the Canadian weed industry these days. Currently, Canada's largest marijuana businesses are expanding their presence in the world cannabis market. One firm has recently struck a deal to export weed oil to Australia, while another company plans to distribute pot to Chile, New Zealand, and some European countries.