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Mar 10, 2016 9:31 AM

Canna-Beer from Dad & Dude

Canna-Beer from Dad & Dude

The debates about what is more dangerous: alcohol or marijuana, seem to be endless and unrelenting. For some in Colorado this is a false dichotomy: Why chose one over the other if you can have both beer and cannabis in the same package?

If you are now in Colorado, use your chance to try cannabis-infused series of brews. Come on, we all know that no matter how loud are the arguments about hash and alcohol are, they both bring a lot of joy, and it is always the quality and quantity that make the difference. Home-brewed marijuana beer is made with love and care, so do not hesitate to have a closer look and try the products yourself.

Why Colorado?

There is no surprise that Colorado became a place where you can find the best marijuana-infused beer. The Centennial State is famous for its craft beer movement; there are more than 200 breweries on its territory. Plus, Colorado became the first state in the U.S. where marijuana became legal for recreational use. So, it is quite logical that the two finally became connected.

While both recreational marijuana and beer being perfectly legal in Colorado, cannabis beer is not. However, the brewers have found a way to avoid breaking the law. They added hemp oil to their beer—a completely legal thing to do. Since then, breweries experienced an astonishing increase in beer sales.

However, the companies are still playing the game of cat and mouse with regulators. According to the law, it is not allowed to put any names of drugs, drug terms or even slang words that can be somehow associated with drugs on beer labels. So, coming up with the names for new beer types sometimes can be really tricky.

Indica IPA and Indica Double IPA

At first it can be a bit unusual, but smelling hints of marijuana once you open a beer bottle becomes natural very quickly. The thing is, the hop flower and cannabis belong to the same family of Cannabaceae, so you may see canna-beer as a kind of family meeting. But as we mentioned before, it is forbidden to add psychoactive marijuana extract to the beer, so what you will find in most of the bottles and cans, is the legal medicinal CBD extract. Which is not bad, after all: you still get the cannabis flavor, and still contains alcohol.

Dad & Dudes Brewery in Aurora first came up with the idea of adding CBD extract to beer. The guys created two wonderful new beers: one is Indica IPA, which is a 5% ABV Sativa India Pale Ale (IPA), and the other is powerful 10% ABV Indica Double IPA. The last one can really knock you on your butt if you decide to imbibe too much. You can try Indica Double IPA only in-house at the brewery while 5% Indica IPA is available in cans.

The taste of both CBD brew versions is similar to the flavor of “Dank," but the beers have a bit sweeter and smoother aftertaste. Indica Double IPA, apart from its high alcohol content, may surprise you with a more intensive resiny taste. However, we are absolutely sure that both beer tastes will be appreciated by marijuana and beer enthusiasts alike.

Fighting for the canna-beer

The owner of Dad & Dude brewery Mason "Dude" Hembree says that it was quite difficult to find legal hemp oil. Despite the legalization of marijuana, it is still not legal to cultivate cannabis for brewers in Colorado. They tried it first back in 2012 but met a ten-month prohibition instead. So, the next time Dad & Dude managed to re-release their canna-beer was only in 2014.

They spent the whole year negotiating with the government, trying to avoid the legal obstacles. Only then they were able to find a legal way to make canna-beer by adding CBD extract to it.

Another brewery owner, Tom “Dad" Hembree, laughs about the irony of the situation. He says that they were fighting so hard to aquire the right to produce a cannabis-infused beer, and now it seems that this beer will end all the bar fights, as the recent studies show CBD's calming effect.

Well, let us hope that the legal obstacles to making innovative marijuana-based products will be removed. And do not forget to have a look at our list of marijuana-infused drinks to discover other great cannabis-containing beverages you might find to your liking.