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Feb 22, 2017 12:05 PM

Cannabis and Chocolate Make the Perfect Edible

Many cannabis connoisseurs believe that weed and chocolate are an ideal combination. The flavor of the latter masks the hashy notes of marijuana perfectly. Besides, they share chemical cousins—THC and anandamide.

Cannabis Chocolate Edible

Anandamide can be found in chocolate. This chemical is almost identical to THC and brings people a high so mild that it is often imperceptible. Both of them influence people's appetite, pain perception, and mood. Scientists believe that when these two chemicals unite and work together, they prolong the time THC and CBD stay in the system. In addition, their properties are enhanced. This means that chocolate bars are more effective than other kinds of infused edibles.

However, not only the chemical compatibility makes chocolate the perfect choice for a marijuana dessert.

Since ancient times, cacao beans have been used in many ways. They are treasured as great food, medicine, and aphrodisiac. In addition, they can serve as a serotonin booster and an amphetamine-related stimulant, phenylethylamine. Though scientists still debate whether chocolate contains all these chemicals and properties, some of them do not doubt the fact.

Chris Kilham, a medicine hunter and ethnobotanist, believes in the libido-stimulating property of this product. He claims that chocolate “promotes the brain chemistry of being in love." Besides, some historical figures are known to have used cacao beans as Viagra. One of these notable persons is the Aztec emperor Montezuma. More than a thousand years B.C., the Olmecs fermented and roasted these beans. They mostly ground them for drinking.

5 Awesome Cannabis-Infused Chocolates You Can Try Right Now
5 Awesome Cannabis-Infused Chocolates You Can Try Right Now
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Since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, Derek Cumings, who is the largest producer of infused edibles today, has been chasing the perfect way to deliver the dose. Back in 2000, Cumings was disappointed by the first batch of brownies he tried. The dosage must have been wrong. Years later, the man joined the large edibles manufacturer Medically Correct, and together they created perfectly dosed chocolate bars that have a longer shelf life than baked products and are ideal for exact dosing. Concentrated THC oil was their key to success.

At the same time, another man was inclined to create an edibles company. Andrew Schrot also had a bad experience with the product's dosing. Deciding to improve the matter, he resorted to chocolate bars as well. Though they were rarely reviewed by the customers, these bars were the easiest way to consume exact doses of THC. The success did not come immediately. However, in time, bars that were easy to break into squares became incredibly popular among customers. Today, every respectable dispensary carries chocolate bars.

Right now, the times when edibles were not tested for potency and patients suffered from side effects look like a horror story to us. There were no standards and proper regulation, which brought media's attention to the cases of overdose. Such negligence is partially responsible for the negative image of cannabis that still haunts the industry.

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Top 5 Problems of States That Legalized Recreational Cannabis
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To prevent such incidents, the industry's leaders came up with the recommendation to “start low and go slow.” Chocolate bars divided into squares became the perfect edible for this rule. As the states with legalized marijuana introduced more and more rules and requirements, the labeling, packaging, and dosing changed. Modern manufacturers had to order new molds that would state the information about the THC content on each square.

New Colorado Regulations Change the Face of Edibles
New Colorado Regulations Change the Face of Edibles
To raise public safety awareness, Colorado authorities introduced new rules concerning marijuana edibles. The new regulations were enabled on Oct. 1. Both medical and recreational products are now labeled with a new universal symbol.

To sum it up, if you want a measured cannabis experience, weed-infused chocolate bars are a perfect choice. First of all, they are extremely tasty—there is hardly a person who does not like this delicious flavor. Secondly, chocolate is not only useful itself but also enhances the properties of cannabinoids. And finally, it is the easiest way to control the dosage.