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Oct 7, 2016 9:30 AM

Cannabis-Infused Beer Can Soon Be Available Nationwide

Canna-Beer—Dad & Dudes Breweria’s weed-infused beer—will possibly become available not only in Colorado but in many other states as well. The company recently announced that their General Washington’s Secret Stash might be soon sold across the U.S.

Cannabis-Infused Beer

Mason Hembree, the co-owner of Dad & Dudes, said that they finally received federal permission to sell beer that contains Cannabis sativa extracts. However, the beer will not make its consumers high as many enthusiasts might expect.

General Washington’s Secret Stash is classified as industrial hemp that does not contain THC, the psychoactive cannabis compound. To make extractions, Dad & Dudes uses Cannabis sativa stems and stalks that contain non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Then the extraction is added to the drink.

In case Hembree gets the $50,000 needed to launch the project, the company's cannabis-infused beer will be canned by November and available for the mass audience in all fifty states by January. The presence of marijuana-infused beer in all parts of the USA might have a positive impact on the cannabis legalization processes in all states. You can support the project through a Kickstarter donation page.