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Mar 10, 2016 1:49 PM

Cannabis Terms: Defining Shake

Many cannabis terms may be confusing even to long-time aficionados, and your definition of “shake" may largely depend on your opinion about this product.

Shake aka Leftovers

There are many various weed terms that might confuse not only the beginners but experienced consumers as well. One of the newest of them is “shake." Do you want to find out what it really is? In this article, we tried to gather the most important aspects of the notion.

As always, it means slightly different things to different people depending on their location, social environment, etc. Generally, shake may be taken to mean “leftovers". It is a kind of “crumbs" that broke off from big marijuana buds and were left in a package. It often happens while handling the flowers. However, you need to be careful when buying shake as it can be both delicious and horrible. The quality of your smoke depends on you, so choose wisely.

Generally, you can look for shake at a cannabis dispensary near you. Medicinal budtenders often keep their flowers in big jars, and when they collect the nugs, small pieces are often left at the bottom. Marijuana shake is the best option for people who prefer rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs. Besides, it seems to be designed specifically for weed edibles—it is very convenient for use in cooking, even if there are some stems mixed in.

How to Choose and Use

The most obvious benefit of shake is its price. These leftovers are always cheaper than the flower buds, but do not buy everything you see—look closely at the quality of it and choose carefully. Visiting a smoke shop near you, look for the shake in pre-rolls. This way, the budtenders make sure to use every bit of cannabis and not throw anything away. However, pre-rolls with shake are a danger themselves. It is like a pig in a poke—you never know the quality of marijuana inside. Besides, pure unwrapped shake has better chances to remain fresh and clean. Sometimes, to receive the most profit, sellers can stuff pre-rolls with sub-par cannabis and actually get away with it. Most experts say that a sure way to check the quality of your pre-rolls is to cut them open and compare the filling with regular ground buds.

The use of shake is not limited by the rolls and edibles, if you are a fan of glass, you may stuff your bong with these “leftovers" as well.

To Use or not to Use?

Theoretically, shake is as good as the flower itself. In practice, shake has a bit of a bad reputation. There are a few reasons for it, but it does not mean that it should stay forgotten and neglected. The first reason to think carefully about buying shake is that the substance can be dry. This may happen because of improper storage conditions and the period of time shake has been left in a jar. Another point to think about is the admixtures of stems and leaves in the mix. They can easily spoil your smoke. Look for the unwanted plant matter and stay away from it. Unfortunately, it is harder to do if you buy pre-rolls where you do not see the quality of the filling.

The last point that brings shake bad reputation is the fact that it is often confused with trim. Trim is that unwanted plant matter, and it actually has nothing pleasant about it.

All in all, quality shake is a good material for edibles and joints. It is also cheap and easy to handle. A very important point for medical marijuana users is that shake can be a mix of different strains, so you should specifically know about their effects.