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Mar 1, 2017 12:05 PM

Cannabis Wedding Expo to Be Held in Portland

Most pot-friendly couples benefit from smoking weed: it can eliminate anxiety, improve your sex life, and help you open up emotionally. Since marijuana enthusiasts have much in common, some of them decide to marry each other. Although a wedding is always stressful, weed can make both the couple and the guests more relaxed. Are you already planning a marijuana-style marriage celebration? A pot wedding expo is ready to help!

Oregon’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo is expected to be held on March 26. If you want to add legal cannabis products to your best day, the industry professionals will help you organize your celebration of love. The expo invites everyone over the age of 21. It will be held at The Left Bank Annex in Portland. The entrance fee is $10, which is the same as for the Portland Bridal Show.

The event is aimed to help 420-friendly couples discover marijuana floral arrangements, hemp dresses, pot-friendly photographers, caterers, transportation services, venues, and much more. There will also be wedding hair and makeup demonstrations, delicious treats, and even a speed-dating lounge. However, cannabis sales are forbidden at the expo.

Still hesitating whether your family would love a weed wedding? Do not worry! The companies presented at the pot expo will assist you in making your special day amazing!