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Mar 25, 2016 6:02 PM

Cannahoney Is Evolution of Weed Edibles

Are you a fan of edible marijuana products? Have you tried numerous kinds of them and consider yourself a specialist? Well, there is probably one product that you have not even heard about yet—cannahoney.

Cannahoney Is Evolution of Weed Edibles

There are so many types of weed edibles that everybody can find a product that suits them. And it is not surprising that the companies try to create something new—an edible that will leave behind all others and become the leading one in the industry. Marijuana-infused edibles have been known and used for hundreds of years. And now, the trend is at the top of its popularity. Have you ever heard about cannabutter or “magic" cookies? They have been on the market for a long time. Such sweets as cannabis-infused popcorn, lollipops, and coffee are relatively new but already known to the public. So what comes next? What product should we wait for in the future?

Actually, the new cannabis-infused edible product has been already created. Moreover, it strongly differs from all other man-made cannabis edibles. The new type is a natural way of combining two useful products—cannabis and honey. Unlike all previous ways of manually mixing cannabis into food, this time, all work is done by bees. Cannahoney has never been attempted before, but since 2006, a beekeeper enthusiast has been working on the project. Now, due to his tremendous work, we all can taste the sweetest and the most useful cannabis edible ever made.

How Is It done?

Nicolas self-styled Trainerbees is a man behind cannahoney. He has been training bees for years. At first, there were simple things, but later he progressed and decided to combine his two avocations—bees and

\marijuana. His idea is to train bees to gather the sugars on the resin that covers all cannabis plants. Of course, the task was not easy, but the man accomplished it. It took him seven years to finally see the results. His bees feasted on the resinous crystals of the plant and transferred THC to their honey. The qualities of the resulting product are impressive. Both high CBD and high THC strains provided honey with impressive cannabis properties.

Despite the positive results, many activists were against his approach. Their main argument concerned the health of the bees involved. The thought that Nicolas was harming bees turned out to be the main obstacle for his future business. Fortunately, the studies determined that neither CBD nor THC are harmful to the small insects and they are not getting high because of it. In fact, they do not have an endocannabinoid system at all and, thus, absorb the compound just as another form of food.

What Is It Used For?

The useful properties of bees' products have been known for thousands of years. They alone can improve our health and are used to treat some symptoms. Combining them with yet another useful product is a brilliant idea. Together they only multiply their useful effects and co-work on treating our organisms. According to Nicolas Trainerbees, “everything that passes through the body of a bee is improved". And he was right.

The medical potential of cannahoney is extremely promising. It is definitely good for our health. Considering that bees accept any cannabis strain, the effect of the honey can be different. Basically, all positive properties of the strain remain the same, but they are increased.

The taste of this marijuana honey is also very delicious. In addition to an exceptional floral flavor and aroma of the product, it absorbs the flavor of the strain that the bees feasted from.

All in all, cannahoney is the first natural cannabis edible ever created. The useful properties of the product are doubtless. Now, it is all up to you whether to try this magic honey or not. Either way, there is nothing complicated about it. You can even buy marijuana honey online.