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Nov 6, 2016 12:15 PM

CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer

CannaKorp has claimed to be ready to start the production of the world's first pod-based cannabis vaporizer in the near future. James Winokur, co-founder and CEO of CannaKorp, has recently told CNBC that the company has raised enough funds to start the manufacturing of the CannaCloud, known as “the Keurig of marijuana.”CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer

CannaKorp, a start-up company located in Massachusetts, has developed an innovative system for marijuana vaporization targeted at both recreational and medical marijuana users. The CannaCloud system is a marijuana vaporizer specially designed for releasing weed from single-serving pods similar to Keurig coffee brewers.

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The CannaCloud system is easy to operate and maintain. The system consists of a vaporizer device, dose-controlled pods with lab-tested marijuana, and a filling machine. To vape from the system, a user needs to insert a cannabis pod into the bottom of a hollow canister, place it into the vaporizer, and push the button. In a minute, the CannaCloud Vaporizer will be filled with vapor and become ready for use. The consumer can inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece in the canister. When the person is done, the system closes off the remaining vapor.

The developers claim that their device ensures the best experience for weed users due to a built-in microprocessor that controls the speed, time, temperature, and air pressure. The vaporizer has an elegant design and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Though the company is not going to produce marijuana for their device, they will cooperate with weed cultivators who can meet their quality standards for growing, filling, and packaging marijuana. The CannaCloud Pods will be available in various types of hybrid, indica, sativa, and CBD-only strains. These weed pods will ensure the freshness of ground pot flowers and preserve their aroma and flavor.

The company is going to sell the CannaCloud Vaporizer on their official site, while the CannaCloud Pods will be distributed through their authorized partners to dispensaries. The expected retail price for the CannaCloud system is about $150, while the price for cannabis pods will be specified by retailers. According to Winokur, it is expected to be $6 or $7 per pod.

CannaKorp has targeted their product at both medical and recreational users, but they want the customers to use the device strictly under the MMJ doctor's control. The company expects that CannaCloud will be in demand among weed users, as they are sure that the product is useful. CannaKorb's staff includes three former Keurig executives, and the company has already raised $1.6 million to begin the product manufacturing.

The device should appear on the market at the beginning of 2017, after the Massachusetts residents make their decision on the legal status of recreational cannabis in the state. The company is also going to sell their product in all states where marijuana is legalized by that time.

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