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Mar 22, 2016 8:01 AM

CannaSafety Presents Weed Antidote

While cannabis-infused edibles market is expanding, and patients that suffer from severe illnesses can use medical marijuana products for their special purposes, there is still one problem that worries all weed consumers. Despite the fact that it is medically proven that it is physically impossible to overdose on marijuana, patients can still consume too much of weed-infused edibles and get themselves into trouble.

CannaSafety Presents Weed Antidote

Game Changer

The reasons for over-indulging in the delicious and smartly made medical marijuana edibles can vary. One can consume too much because the dainty is too tasty to stop or because of ignoring the producer's dosage recommendations. It also happens that a product lacks proper instructions on the packaging. All of these situations can result in patients feeling bad and uncomfortably stoned instead of enjoying the healthy effects of the chosen edibles. However, the reasons are not that important anymore, because now all of these problems have a great solution.


CannaSafety LLC launched the first-ever cannabis antidote that was called CannaRelief, and it was stated that its production would be increased with time. Moreover, the company plans to introduce a full line of CannaRelief-like products.

CannaRelief is a product that quickly and effectively reduces cannabis anxiety. It is a specially formulated drink that is a mixture of vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and 20 milligrams of pure CO2-extracted CBD. It takes just a quarter or half of the bottle and approximately 15 minutes to forget about anxiety in case of eating too much of the weed-infused edibles. The ingredients of the medicine counteract the effects of THC and help patients enhance the effects of the consumed products.

Forget About Anxiety Attacks

CannaSafety has been developing and testing its medicine for two years, and now it can be bought for a fraction of the cost online or at any THC dispensary.

CannaRelief is a medicine that you buy just to be on the safe side. It would be especially useful for new patients who are still experimenting to find their right dosage. Moreover, CannaRelief is obviously a breakthrough in the cannabis industry that will knock the bottom out of the theory of negative influence on the users' minds and bodies. Now, all the patients can simply buy this effective medicine to stop the unexpected anxiety attacks and use it whenever they need.

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