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Apr 18, 2016 8:20 AM

Celebrate Cannabis Day With Adidas Happy 420 Skateboarding Shoes

Hemp shoes are very trendy in the fashion world now, and we have already reviewed the most impressive representatives of this field. To make all cannabis fans happier, Adidas has also decided to support this mainstream before April, 20. Thanks to the collaboration with BAIT, Adidas has released its new "Happy 420" Stan Smith Vulc shoes made from natural hemp.

Cannabis Day 4.20

Sports Shoes

These skateboarding kicks have a nice sports design, but if you have a sense humor, this natural footwear will also make you smile. The look of these 4/20-themed shoes pays tribute to medical cannabis in several ways. Their body is created from heat-pressed hemp that is decorated with a stone-like pattern in natural tones and a smiling face on the side. The counter is green with a white Adidas label on it that also resembles marijuana. To underline the cannabis-friendly style of this footwear, the creators made a pocket in the tongue, where weed smokers can hide their dose of marijuana. It is very convenient, is it not? The tongue also has a prescription label, which is inspiring and funny.

Take a Closer Look

If you look closer at these high-quality kicks, you will see even more pronounced correlations with medical marijuana. The tags on the tongue and heel are very similar to those you are used to seeing at your local cannabis dispensary. They indicate a bar code and a 420 mg dosage with a yellow prescription note to take at least once a day. Inside the footwear, you can see the sticker with the warning that Adidas skateboarding shoes may cause relaxation.

Minor Features

These hemp kicks really represent the excellent taste and fashion of a stoner's lifestyle. Even the minor details of the Adidas shoes are crafted with a good sense of style. The green suede counters have a rough finish that is similar to the texture of finely manicured cannabis buds. The inside pocket of the tongue allows to hide your stash in the most unnoticeable way. There are no green leaves or smoker's red eyes because they do not have any connection with marijuana for most cannabis users. Instead, this Adidas hemp footwear inspires you to improve your health and the overall quality of your life. These shoes provide your body with comfort, just like medical marijuana, so you can live your life to the fullest.

Superior Comfort

Do not forget that Adidas is a major shoe company that has gained loyalty of PGA golfers and NBA athletes. Thus, the quality and comfort of these Adidas shoes are beyond any doubts. Wearing the “420 Happy” shoes, you will feel like you are walking high above the ground without any sign of tiredness. This feeling is very similar to the high you get after smoking cannabis, and this is one more common feature of weed and these hemp shoes.

Where to buy?

If you are craving to purchase the incredible Happy 420 Stan Smith, Adidas is going to release them on April 18, just in time for 4/20. Visit the official website of BITE to get a pair of these elite Adidas shoes and underline your cannabis-friendly lifestyle on National Weed Day.