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Apr 5, 2016 8:05 AM

Cheeba Chews High CBD Review

Here we are again, trying another weed product to prove that cannabis edibles can be a perfect alternative to smoking pot. This time, we have decided to take a chance with Cheeba Chews candies. Cheeba Chews is a well-known brand of marijuana-infused edibles. It is highly popular with the customers. Moreover, it has already received three Cannabis Cup awards. The success of Cheeba Chews is not coincidental or based on luck. The producers wanted to make high-quality products that would be smaller than the famous brownies, always fresh, and appealing to everyone. All of their medibles are certified and tested for including the same amount of THC and CBD to provide the customers with exactly what they expected. We decided to test one of its best products, Cheeba Chews High CBD, and share our feelings about it with you.

Cheeba Chews High CBD Review

What Is Cheeba Chews High CBD

Cheeba Chews High CBD is a delicious chewy chocolate candy that contains 50 milligrams of THC and 20 milligrams of CBD. This peanut- and gluten-free product is made of glucose syrup, vegetable oil, milk, cocoa, 5 grams of sugar, whey, and flavorings. The energy value of each candy is 35 calories. It can be easily divided into individual dosages. If you live in Colorado and want to buy Cheeba Chews, you can simply type “marijuana dispensaries near my location” and choose any place you like. The Cheeba Chews company allows their customers to feel that using marijuana-infused edibles is a private matter because their product is small. You can keep it in your pocket and eat it whenever you want, and nobody will notice.

Effects of Cheeba Chews High CBD

While the effectiveness of Cheeba Chews High CBD is proven by the users, you should remember that it takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours to let the patients feel the candy power. It all depends on the way your body reacts to cannabinoids, what you ate, what edibles you consumed, or the weed you smoked 24 hours before starting to use Cheeba Chews. We highly recommend starting with the lowest possible dosage to avoid being uncomfortably stoned. Every Cheeba Chews candy is precisely dosed, so you always know how much you are consuming. If you are a newbie, start with a quarter of a candy and wait until it starts to affect you.

Cheeba Chews High CBD as a Medication

This candy is a great medication due to its ideal ratio of cannabidiol to THC, which ensures minimal psychoactivity effects. Cheeba Chews High CBD is great for those patients who suffer from inflammation, pain, stress, eye pressure, headaches, anxiety, and muscle spasms. The candy provides you with a smooth body high with no signs of fatigue. Cheeba Chews will also be a great helper to those who have problems with sleeping or appetite. It will easily make you happy and relaxed.