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Jun 14, 2016 9:25 AM

Chocolope Strain Review

The combined forces of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze result in a sweet chocolate strain that is known for its taste and fast growing. Chocolope is a pure sativa strain bred by DNA Genetics. Chocolope is sometimes called D-line and often confused with Chocolope Kush that is an indica-dominant strain with completely different characteristics. Chocolope Kush is, however, a descendant of the strain we are reviewing in this article. It takes after its parent in terms of the magnificent aroma and flavor.

Chocolope Strain Review

Genetics and Growing

Chocolope is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner—not a surprising fact given the exceptional qualities of this strain. Chocolope is extremely easy to grow, and its flavor and effects give this strain a great potential, especially if it is of the right phenotype.

In the early 1990s, DNA Genetics chose Chocolate Thai as a future mother strain, looking for quick growing and rich harvest. When the mother was chosen, the breeders decided that the best strain to complement it would be a descendant from Original Haze—Cannalope Haze that has nothing but sativa in its genetics.

The flowering period of their offspring may reach from ten to twelve weeks, during which the plant grows big, stretching and taking a lot of space. Besides, the strain can be grown both inside and outside in late October and November. The growing will not bring you any problems except for ample pruning. If grown properly, the strain can produce up to a whopping 600 grams of buds per square meter.

Appearance and flavor

The buds of Chocolope are deep green with some orange hues. If you are waiting for a strong chocolate flavor, do not be surprised to feel it only on the exhale. Of course, when you first open your package, you will feel a slight aroma of chocolate and coffee, but the scent is initially quite subtle.

Chocolate Thai itself does not have a strong chocolate flavor, and the addition of Cannalope Haze brought added fruit mixture notes to the sweet chocolate taste. It may seem strange at first, but a lot of cannabis smokers consider this particular combination of melon and chocolate to be a good flavor for a marijuana strain.

As many Haze strains, Chocolope has slight musty and earthy undertones to it. In general, though, the strain initially has a subtle aroma, it develops while you are smoking, and is complemented with a delicious taste. If you want to exchange your morning cup of coffee for a Chocolope smoke, never doubt you decision to do it—the taste is even better, and the effects are more pronounced. Or, alternatively, you can always combine your weed with your coffee.

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Recreational Use

If you want to smoke a mild sativa strain that is smooth and not overly racy, Chocolope might just be the perfect strain for you. Chocolope's THC level reaches 15-17 percent (on average). Of course, it may go as high as 21 percent, but it is a rare occurrence that depends on a grower. The effects of this strain are known to be uplifting and energizing. However, you may call it a calm energy—your body will be ready to do many things, but your head will stay clear and focused. Some users may experience a short hit of anxiety that subsides in no time.

Medical Use

The high provided by Chocolope is a great way to get rid of stress and depression. The mental euphoria will eliminate all your problems like a magic wand. The cerebral effects of Chocolope also can help patients with ADD/ADHD and fatigue. The strain will help make your day more enjoyable. However, be ready for the boost of your appetite—buy a few snacks before consuming Chocolope.

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