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Apr 14, 2016 8:30 AM

Choosing Vaporizers: Aspects to Consider

Vaporizing is one of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana. Almost every cannabis enthusiast has tried it at least once in their life. The advantages of vaporizers over rolls are countless. A good vaporizer can help you feel all the benefits of the process.

The most important factor that brings people to this way of consuming is the fact that vaporizing is cleaner than smoking. The process does not involve smoke with its hazardous carcinogens. Instead, the result of vaporizing is the clean vapor that contains only the useful active compounds of cannabis. Many studies have already proven that the absence of combustion eliminates the hazardous effects of the process.

If you have already heard about all the benefits of vaporizing and want to buy your first accessory, you will face a difficult decision of choosing one of the different available options. Shops are full of various types and designs of the devices, and you can simply become lost. Do not worry, the major differences are easy to detect. All other aspects mainly concern the design and the brand. So, what are those major differences that you have to know before ordering a vaporizer?

Stationary and Portable

The first step to make when choosing a vaporizer is to determine what type of the item you want to buy. Generally, these devices are divided into two major groups—potable and stationary. If you want a massive device to share with your friends at a party at home, then the decision is clear. If you want it to be easy to carry around as well, it complicates things.

You need to understand that desktop vaporizers are more functional and often more versatile in terms of the intake methods. Another advantage of desktop devices is the simplicity of maintenance. Unfortunately, portable vape pens are not easy to clean, unlike their “big brothers.” Stationary vaporizers are better for long sessions with friends. However, the convenience of carrying your vape wherever you want is a major advantage that allures many users. Many small models are pocket-sized and have small chambers for the concentrate that are completely enough for one session. Besides, they are discrete and suit your individual needs.

Heating and Temperature

Not all vaporizers heat your marijuana the same way. Some of them use conduction, others use convection. If you do not know the difference between these two terms, let us explain it to you. Conduction means that your herbs are in direct contact with a heating surface. Convection means that the herbs are heated by the hot air that goes through them. In general, conduction is more popular and is used in all portable vapes, where the heating chamber is small. However, convection is a superior method and has its advantages over the previous one. For example, the herbs are heated evenly, the flavor is intense during the whole session (conduction mostly provides good flavor in the beginning), the vapor is smoother and is not influenced by the temperature.

The models that provide the option of regulating the temperature are more advanced and more expensive as well. Why would you need to control the temperature anyway? The answer is simple—the lower it is, the better the vapor is. At high temperatures, the vapor is harsher and not as flavorful. Of course, it also depends on the strain of marijuana you use and its potency. For example, such strong strains as Dog Walker OG may become a challenge even for weed veterans.

The devices that set the temperature themselves usually adjust to the speed of your inhalation. So, in time, you will understand the process better and learn how to get a consistent temperature.


Vaporizers can be made from different materials including glass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and all of this in different combinations. If you decide to buy a vaporizer because of its superiority to rolls, you need to consider the quality of the material carefully. It may influence the vapor. Most brands with a good reputation use safe materials and list them on the package. Be careful—cheap devices with no description can bring you nothing good.

The quality of the power source is also very important for the portable vapes. Most of them use one or another type of rechargeable batteries. Choose the ones that last longer and are easy to recharge.

The interface has to be intuitive. It also largely depends on the design that varies from brand to brand. The stylishness of your device is an important factor, especially if you are going to use it with your friends. Now, you can get a vaporizer of any shape and style. You can even order a customized device if the manufacturer offers such an option. However, it will definitely cost you a lot of money (which is actually our next aspect to cover).


Another important aspect to consider when buying a vaporizer is the sum of money you are ready to pay for it. The better the quality and functionality of the device, the higher the price. These two criteria are interconnected, and you have little chances to spend less and get more.

On average, vape pens tend to be cheaper. However, do not forget about quality in any case. Do not fall for the most expensive device in the catalog. It may be not as good as you expect. Some brands are setting higher prices for their products just because they are well-known. Pay attention to every detail of the device, and you will buy a good vaporizer.

The design also influences the price. Plain devices are cheaper. This rule is well-known and applies to all goods.

Pay attention to the warranty. Even the most reliable vaporizers can run down at some point, and you will have to spend a lot of additional money on the repair. However, if you have a warranty, you do not need to worry about it.

When you are ready, consider all the aspects and get the most out of it.