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Jun 23, 2017 12:05 PM

Colorado Dispensary Chains Are Growing

Despite the spread of cannabis legalization in the U.S., Colorado remains the leading place of the industry. The state has issued 491 dispensary licenses. Over a third of the shops are located in Denver. However, there are also many places all over the state. Moreover, the industry is so popular now that businessmen are establishing entire dispensary chains.

Dispensaries in Colorado are prospering today. The profits are so big that a few sharks have already appeared on the market. For example, seventy dispensaries in the state belong to only six chains whose shops are scattered across the biggest cities in Colorado. These retailers are some of the largest in the world.

What Tourists Should Know Before Visiting a Colorado Dispensary
What Tourists Should Know Before Visiting a Colorado Dispensary
If you are coming from another state and one of the goals of your trip to Colorado is visiting a dispensary, you may be puzzled about where to start and what to do. It is especially true if it is going to be your first time making a purchase in a recreational cannabis store.

Here are these giants that have occupied a juicy part of the market.


Let us start with a small representative. This dispensary chain has the fewest points of sale comparing to the other companies on our list. Strainwise is the owner of nine shops. Five of them are located in Denver, and another four are in Idaho Springs, Central City, Wheat Ridge, and Rifle. This company has gone through some hard times. A couple of years ago, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division denied Strainwise a cultivation license, which led to a 45 percent reduction in its workforce. However, the company was able to fight all its issues off and become a successful business.

Sweet Leaf

Only one dispensary saves Sweet Leaf from the title of the smallest chain on our list. With its ten shops, the company covered such places as Portland, Aurora, and Federal Heights. Like all other big bosses in the industry, it owns several locations in Denver. This company has been selling weed for a long time now. It even worked in the days of medical-only marijuana. The iconic polka dots and a wide choice of budget products make Sweet Leaf popular among stoners. Consumers always appreciate the shop's $120 flat-rate recreational ounces.

Green Dragon

The next chain has the same number of shops as the previous one. However, it is placed higher on the rating due to the oncoming opening of two more places this summer. The company will expand by opening shop in Telluride and Thornton. The company's rise is relatively new. It established multiple locations in Summit County and Glenwood Springs a few years ago. Also, Green Dragon has six stores in the center of the country's marijuana world—Denver.

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6 Best Dispensaries in Denver
Denver is a perfect place for those who want to take a closer look at the ongoing marijuana legalization campaign and its consequences.

The Green Solution

Another “green” chain on our list is the Green Solution. This company already has twelve places and plans to open two more in Denver and another one in Fort Collins. All shops will be ready this summer. This chain is known to be the most user-friendly one. The vast inventory contains anything you might need to have a pleasant toking session. In addition, all products can be pre-ordered online, which makes the life of many stoners so much easier. Outside of Colorado, the Green Solution owns a place in Illinois and a medical delivery service in Florida.


The second largest Colorado chain is LivWell. This company with a bright name appeared in 2009 and, since then, has run one of the largest seed-to-sale businesses in the state. Today, LivWell is an owner of fourteen dispensaries, half of which is located in the Denver metro area. Other shops are in Garden City, Mancos, Trinidad, and Cortez. The success of the company is the result of the perfect intuition and skills of its owner John Lord who knows when it is time to partner up with Snoop Dogg or sell branded lines, as well as how to be a step ahead of his competitors.

Native Roots

The largest dispensary chain in Colorado is so big that it owns twice as many shops as Strainwise, Sweet Leaf, or Green Dragon. Native Roots has nineteen places, among which are not only regular dispensaries but also three Gas and Grass shops that serve both fuel and weed. These marijuana shop/gas station hybrids are a new invention that has its own benefits. Native Roots was also founded in 2009. Today, the chain is known for its expensive top-notch products, modern shops, and incredible atmosphere.

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