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Mar 23, 2016 4:03 PM

Colorado’s First Cannabis-Friendly Camp Opening This July

Colorado is a state where consumption of marijuana has been legal since 2012. However, the citizens of the state can still only smoke weed and enjoy marijuana-infused edibles at home and on their private property but not in public. While residents of Colorado can partly benefit from the situation, the visitors of the state, who are obviously attracted by the possibility of trying cannabis products, are quite limited in their options.

While special clubs and cafes could be a great solution, they are considered illegal. Colorado has witnessed the opening of some hotels where the consumption of marijuana is allowed, but only in rooms. Some of them let the guests use vaporizers.

Joel and Lisa Schneider, a couple from New York, noticed this gap in the Colorado market and decided to change the situation. They opened up the first place in Colorado where people could enjoy cannabis-infused meals and called it Bud and Breakfast, making it similar to bed and breakfast resorts. Their business has already attracted many customers, and the couple opened three similar weed-friendly places in different locations of Colorado and is planning to open another one.

The MaryJane Group INC, established by Joel and Lisa, has already signed a Lease and Service Agreement to open up and operate an Aspen Canyon Ranch-located camp. This Colorado Springs 414-acres camp will become a huge step forward for the couple.

The camp is going to be the first cannabis resort in Colorado that allows guests to enjoy the consumption of the best weed strains. All the visitors will have a chance to enjoy “Wake and Bake Breakfast," “420 Happy Hours," desserts, dinner, and drinks like soda, water, wine, and beer throughout their stay. Moreover, the guests of the resort will have unlimited access to various equipment for outdoor activities and get a chance to visit different courses, workshops, classes of wellness and arts, like Cannabis Yoga and Canvas and Cannabis. All the cannabis-related activities and classes will be guided by the group of professionals—yogis, wellness coaches, and dispensary owners. The camp Bud+Breakfast also offers horseback riding and ATV-tours.

The camp is opening this July, so anybody who wants to book a room can do it starting from March 15.