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Jul 16, 2016 9:15 AM

Concentrates Guide: What You Should Know

Today we are going to tell you everything about marijuana concentrates, so put aside your favorite Sour Tangie for a while and discover various ways THC is extracted from marijuana.

If you are a marijuana enthusiast who is always looking for new cannabis possibilities, this article will certainly open a new horizon to you. Even if you enjoy smoking only the best sativa strains or prefer to relax with a little bit of indica, marijuana concentrates can bring some excitement into your weed experience.

Keep Up on the Terms

The cannabis industry is developing by the day, and more and more mysterious terms are appearing in this sphere. Marijuana devotees are usually misguided when it comes to the potency, dosage, and effects of concentrates. So, if you have always wanted to try marijuana concentrates but do not know which one to choose or how to consume them, our article is exactly what you need.

Types of Concentrates

The most common types of concentrates you would find in your local head shops are kief, CO2 oil, water hash, rosin, and BHO. In this article, we will describe these popular products and make your marijuana experience more sophisticated and diverse.


Kief is the simplest marijuana concentrate, which is also known as dry sieve (sift) hash. It is a composition of trichomes that are separated from the dried plant material. Trichomes are the crystalline particles that cover the outside surface of marijuana flowers and can be broken away with the help of special filtering screens. Although kief is usually thought to be an extract of poor quality, many professional extractors know how to produce a very clean and fragrant concentrate with the help of this method. Kief may contain from 20 to 60 percent of THC. This concentrate is available in many Colorado dispensaries but is hard to find in other states because it is not as popular with marijuana users as it was several years ago. That is why it is unprofitable for some dispensaries to put kief on the shelves.

Water Hash

Water hash is represented on the market in many different forms, such as, for instance, bubble hash, ice wax, and solventless wax. Water hash is produced by mixing dry or fresh-frozen plant material with cold water and ice. Then, the mixture is blended manually or mechanically to cut off the trichome heads and filtered through the screens of the special size. The finished product is free of all undesirable elements. So, as a result, the extractors get a quite pure concentrate of golden to brown color and granular consistency that has a potency of 50-80 percent of THC. The modern trend, however, is to produce water hash by pressing it with heat between pieces of parchment paper, which makes it light-colored. The producers do their best to extract the water hash that will not only be extremely potent but also keep its terpene content and look attractive. Nevertheless, the quality of the finished product depends not only on specialists but also on the plant material, the applied techniques, and special handling. Water hash can be used to cook various marijuana-infused edibles but, unfortunately, is not of a frequent occurrence in the head shops.

CO2 Oil

CO2 oil is a concentrate that is produced by compressing carbon dioxide at high pressures to the point when it turns into the so-called “supercritical fluid.” As a result, this substance is able to strip all the necessary oils of the marijuana plant. CO2 oil is a loose substance of an orange color that can be clear or opaque. The density of CO2 oil depends on the processes employed after its extraction. The concentrate has a 50-75 percent THC content and is free of any chemical solvents. Moreover, CO2 oil is non-flammable.

BHO (Butane Hash Oil)

Butane hash oil, or simply BHO, is a very popular extraction, which has a plenty of names, for instance, wax, shatter, moon rock, oil, and many others. This concentrate is produced by pressurizing butane in a vessel and washing it over the dry or fresh-frozen plant material. Once the resulting solution is collected, the extractor removes any remaining solvent from it by applying heat, as butane has a low boiling point, and vacuum—to lower the boiling point even more. This method allows to preserve the highest amount of terpenes and psychoactive components. Containing 60-90 percent of THC, BHO can be called the most potent concentrate in our list.


Rosin is the latest thing in the marijuana industry. It is extracted from dried marijuana buds, trims, or water hash of a low grade. Rosin is very easy to produce by smashing and heating the plant material between parchment sheets. As a result, the extractors get a golden shatter or oily extract that looks like water hash of a high quality. According to the preliminary estimates, it has a potency of 50-70 percent of THC. As rosin is the newest type of marijuana extraction, its availability is currently limited.