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Mar 22, 2017 12:05 PM

Cooking While High: How Not to Cook Yourself

Getting munchies while you are high can be both a benefit and a disadvantage for a user, and in most cases it depends only on how you look at this effect. If it makes you eat junky food which later spoils the shape of your body, maybe it is the right time now to change the situation. Join the people who uses munchies as a motivation to dive into cooking craft, and you will turn disadvantage into a great benefit!

Cooking when you are high can be very relaxing, it is almost like Zen practice, when all your senses are trigged by tempting aromas, tastes, and colorful pleasure to your eyes. You can even feel like a magician who transforms simple ingredients into a real piece of art that delivers you real euphoric blissfulness.

However, it is important not to let your mind follow the bliss completely, as you have to stay focused for avoiding accidents in the kitchen. A few additional precautions for you when you are high and want to cook will always come in handy.

1. Do not multitask

Some strains provide you with an effect of being super-focused and energetic, so the temptation of doing several things at the same time is way too big. Unfortunately, this effect can pass much earlier than you manage to finish all the things you planned. That is why we strongly recommend you not to multitask when you are high.

It is better to immerse into the mindfulness and meditation of performing one thing at a time and focus on every movement you do, on every fragrance that the food scatter. It is better to enjoy the rhythm and not to try to run like crazy from the table to the stove.

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2. Use carefully sharp tools

This piece of advice may look a bit childish, but the fact is that people cut their finders with knife at any age. Moreover, it can happen even when you are absolutely sober, so what to say about the situation when you are high?

That is why, if you need to slice and dice ingredients with the help of a sharp knife, do not dally with danger. This is not the best moment to fall into meditation state, try to focus for a minute. And do not forget to follow these simple tips:

  • dry your hands to grip the knife better
  • do not put tools with blades on the edge of the table
  • never try to catch a falling knife
  • wear sturdy shoes in case of breaking glass or dropping down a knife
  • do not sharpen blades while high
  • store knifes with the tips down
  • if you break glass, sweep it up immediately
  • cut away from fingers

And remember, even dull knifes (not to mention forks) can be dangerous. Respect all the blades and pointed metal tips in the kitchen.

3. Be careful with the heat

Of course, it sounds obvious, but it is really one of the most important thing that you should care of while cooking. Even if you have an induction stove and do not have an open fire, the handles and pot lids can also burn you.

The weed can give you a feeling of a superpower of being able to do everything fast and effective, especially when you already have munchies and all the food looks mouthwatering. You may even think that the faster you cook, the better. Usually, this kind of thoughts is the right way to cook not the food, but yourself. Better be careful and use your “superpower” for cooking more thoroughly than faster. Use lower temperatures if it is possible. Always have some towels within grasp for hot pots and handles.

And if the bad iron did happen, apply the ice cubes from your fringe to the burned skin. This was you can minimize the pain and sometimes even avoid the burning marks.

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4. Do not experiment with difficult recipes

Unless you are a seasoned chief, the longer it takes to cook a meal and the more difficult it is, the more chances that you get distracted or lose patience. Your munchies may be not so strong when you start cooking, but in half an hour you will probably be dying from hunger and start eat the ingredients before they turn into the ready dish.

For this reason, it is better to cook something simple, for example a dish that you have already cooked several times or something that takes to cook maximum 20-30 minutes. The Zen state when you stir a soup may be fascinating, but if it takes too long, you may find yourself scooping it right from the pot while it is still boiling despite the danger of getting burned.

Pizza is great (is you have ready dough), raviolli are great, salads are great, baking or fried potato is great. But baking cake or preparing seven-layer rainbow jelly may be a bad idea.

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5. Do not leave the kitchen until you are done with cooking

This advice may sound a bit too harsh, but it has its point: while you are high, it is easy to get distracted. You may think that you will quickly check your Facebook page while the pizza is in the oven, and then you find yourself watching DIY tutorials on how to show magic tricks and smelling burntoffering.

If your have to wait for 10-20 minutes for your dish to be ready, better stay in the kitchen. Bring your smartphone with you and put an alarm for this time. Depending on how much are you baked, it is enough sometimes to leave the kitchen to forget completely that you were cooking at all.

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Before you are leaving the kitchen, double check that you have turned everything off: the stove, the oven, the multicooker, even the microwave―everything. Gas stoves are especially dangerous as they emit carbon monoxide which at some point can be fatal for your health. If the burner is on, it may cause a fire in your house, so no jokes―check all the kitchen equipment before leaving the room.