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Apr 4, 2016 8:00 AM

Cooking With Cannabis: Calculating THC Content

If you are a regular visitor of a recreational dispensary near you, then you already know how important the percentage of THC in a product is. And so, you need to calculate very carefully how much THC gets into your cookies. Otherwise, the effects might be not very pleasing. You do not want to make one mistake and suffer the consequences for a few next hours.

When cooking with cannabis, you have to be aware of the effects of the stain that you use. In general, most sativa strains provide strong energizing effects. And so, you do not want to make one bite and be left running around your flat for hours. Sativa strains list is impressive, thus, be especially careful with the dosage. Indica strains should be handled carefully as well.

So, how do you actually calculate the needed amount of THC?

You can find out the amount of THC in the product by determining how many milligrams of it is there. The average recommended potency of one serving equals 10 milligrams. That is completely enough to make you high and happy.

If you decide to prepare a cannabis dish at home, you need to know the amount of THC in the cannabis buds you are using. Every dispensary sells the product with this information printed on a package. The average sativa or indica strain contains 10 percent of THC. Stronger strains have a higher percentage—about 15-20 percent THC. All those strains with a higher level of THC, like Hardcore OG, are super potent and should be used only by experienced “chefs.”

Let us take an average 10 percent strain as an example. 1 gram of these buds has a dry weight of 1000 mg and so, doing all the needed math, we know that it contains 100 mg of THC. If you know how to calculate the percentage, you can easily find out the amount of THC in any strain.

To prepare your homemade weed food, you simply need to determine the weight of your package in milligrams and divide it by the serving size. Depending on the scale of your future dish, you can easily alter the amount of cannabis you add to it.

We would recommend starting your experience with 5 mg per serving, especially if you want to make sweet treats for your friends. Bake delicious cookies for them and make your evening eventful and colorful. If you are looking for the easiest and tastiest recipes, read our article “Kitchen Lessons: Best Canna-Cookie Recipes”

What If You Eat Too Much?

The effects of marijuana should kick in soon enough—in about half an hour after you eat your cookery. Of course, we all make mistakes, and it can happen that you miscalculate the needed amount of cannabis and add too much of it. What should you do then?

Rule number one—do not panic. Though it might be a very intense experience, you can reduce such effects as sickness, incoordination and, sometimes, hallucinations. Or, even, completely get rid of them. The best helpers, in this case, are citrus fruits. Eat one or make juice—it does not matter how you consume them.

Pistachios and pine nuts are also very helpful in such situations. If you do not have them, you can also try pine essential oil for inhalation.

The last but not least way to reduce THC effects is to eat products that are high in CBD.

Use cannabis carefully and be creative!