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Apr 20, 2016 4:10 PM

Crystal Coma Strain Review

Patients that have sleep and anxiety disorders would benefit the most from consuming the Crystal Coma strain. Moreover, its pleasant taste and aroma can please even the pickiest consumers.

The origins of the strain

Today, it is not so easy to find Crystal Coma weed at a dispensary, since it was banned back it 2008. However, you can find this sativa strain in the dispensaries that sell the products of Alpha Medic of San Diego, CA.

The story of the strain's origin is not very clear, but most growers believe that it is a mix of two hybrid strains: Cheese and Skunk #1. On the other hand, the heavy knockout effect that Crystal Coma provides to a user might take from some powerful indica strain.


The effect of Crystal Coma is indeed quite impressive. With a dose a bit more than average, a patient may enter a state that is similar to a coma or a deep trance. It calms down mental hyperactivity, shuts down all those voices in your head, all the worrying thoughts, and the unwanted memories that keep popping up. The effect lasts much longer than that of other sativa strains, that is why it works so good for patients who suffer from sleeplessness, pain, or chronic anxiety disorders (or all of the above).

Such effect can be explained by a very high THC level, which is usually about 26-27%. The CBD level is usually 8%, CBN is present in the amount of 2%.

The Crystal Coma strain has a citrusy, chestnut-like aroma with strong cherry notes. The taste is a bit oily with sometimes sweet, sometimes skunky notes.

Visually, Crystal Coma buds are tree-shaped, pastel green in color, and thoroughly covered with thick reddish-orange hairs. This makes this strain look very different from the others.

For its incredible properties, Crystal Coma even won third place in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.

When to use Crystal Coma

Due to its long-lasting sedative effect, it is better to consume the Crystal Coma strain at night time. You had better find some nice and calm place, as after a quarter of an hour, you would not be able to go anywhere―the relaxing effect would be so overwhelming that it may be difficult for your to hold a conversation or focus on some complicated tasks. The comedown effect is much stronger than normal, and it can easily make you fall asleep.

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