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May 16, 2017 12:45 PM

Denver Opens Medical Hotline for Marijuana Users and Providers

Marijuana consumers and providers in Denver can now get a consult on weed-related issues via a 24/7 hotline. The phone line is primarily intended for marijuana-related health and safety questions and is available at 1-877-741-3777.

This is a pilot program launched by Denver Health and Denver Environmental Health. The program allows citizens to contact nurses, pharmacists, and toxicology specialists directly. The most common issues discussed on the hotline are questions related to serving sizes, adverse reactions, labeling and pesticides, and safety hazards.

Demand for Cannabis Concentrates Skyrockets in Colorado
Demand for Cannabis Concentrates Skyrockets in Colorado
In the first quarter of this year, the legal cannabis market in Colorado has experienced a booming demand for marijuana concentrates that is estimated at a 125% growth compared to the same period in 2015.

The use of marijuana is constantly increasing among the residents of Denver, so the number of calls on the hotline is expected to raise rapidly.

According to the officials, there are many calls from people who experienced some negative effects after using marijuana, as well as from those who are interested in how weed use might affect the use of other medications. People are also asking a question about the appropriate dose, while cannabis producers are asking about the safety of certain additives.

Colorado Prepares for Its First Drive-Through Cannabis Shop
Colorado Prepares for Its First Drive-Through Cannabis Shop
With both medical and recreational marijuana legalized, Colorado is currently one of the most pot-friendly states. Its authorities are making significant steps forward in developing the cannabis industry in the state and establishing new measures for making weed more accessible to the citizens and visitors of Colorado. In addition to numerous dispensaries, the state will soon have its first drive-through cannabis shop.

The hotline is served by two dozen medical professionals at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center. The officials at the center initially launched lines for consumers of opioids, but then decided to create a similar line for marijuana users.

Denver supported the project with $15,000. The duration of this hotline's pilot program is three month, but this period could be prolonged, according to officials.

Callers are not being identified in any way, and all the conversations are confidential. Officials expect that the line will help them better understand the trends of public health concerns and create educational campaigns based on the information received. At least, it should become useful for marijuana consumers and businesses.

However, there will be no data about cannabis companies listings, and pot users who are looking for a number to call in emergency circumstances should call 911.

Scientists Found Method to Determine Exact Dose of Cannabis in Edibles
Scientists Found Method to Determine Exact Dose of Cannabis in Edibles
Stories of people who accidentally eat too much of the cannabis-infused chocolate brownies are funny when they happen to others and scary when the same happens to you.