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Oct 2, 2016 9:35 AM

Diet Cannabis Strains Keep You in Shape

It is not a secret that many marijuana strains cause the munchies. Some people do not consider this effect troublesome. However, some of us may be worried about our shape. If you are afraid that you cannot smoke marijuana without gaining a few pounds, you have stumbled upon the right article.

In fact, the stereotype that stoners are mostly fat is not truthful. Growers are constantly creating special strains for people on a diet. These strains not only have no munchies effects, they even curb your appetite. Some people even call these strains “diet cannabis.”

Zero-Calories Sweet Cherry Pie
Zero-Calories Sweet Cherry Pie
Cherry pie is not only a delicious pastry that you can buy with a nice cup of coffee. The pie we are talking about is the one you will rather encounter in your local dispensary.

But why are these strains “diet”? What is special about them?

The strains that lower your appetite are all rich in tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). This cannabinoid differs from THC but has some similar side effects. While THC acts as an appetite stimulant, THCV suppresses your hunger. However, THCV is also psychoactive and guarantees you the same euphoric high that THC does. The high may be not as long in the case of THCV, but these two cannabinoids act in tandem and provide you the high that surpasses all your expectations. Because of the high demand on diet pot, many producers modify their herbs to receive the strain that is high in THCV.

If you consume strains high in THCV, you can go shopping to your favorite convenience store without worrying about any compulsive purchases.

If you are interested in those strains and want to try one yourself, here are some that contain the most THCV in the market.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison should be your primary option if you are looking for a strain that contains the most THCV. Basically, all strains of the Durban Poison lineage have a sufficient amount of THCV in them. Besides, this pure sativa strain is considered a classic among the growers so it will be easy to find this strain in a dispensary or head shop.


Another popular strain that hides a decent amount of THCV in it is Tangie. You might have been previously buying this strain for its fruity flavor, but now you will appreciate another side of it. Though this strain is not so rich in the cannabinoids you are looking for, it is a perfect mix of good flavor and diet usefulness.

Top 10 Tastiest Strains of Weed
Top 10 Tastiest Strains of Weed
While the effectiveness of every weed strain is highly important, we still always judge each marijuana strain by its taste. The market is now full of thousands of strains. However, not all of them taste good, to say the least.

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is an excellent appetite suppressant. However, if you stumble upon a strain that simply has Dutch Treat in its lineage, you can expect it to have similar properties.

Doug's Varin

Doug's Varin was specifically designed to contain high amounts of THCV. The strain will give you clear-headed mental stimulation that is not as strong and long as the high from super-potent THC strains.

Pineapple Purps

Pineapple Purps is the second strain on our list that was bred for a specific purpose of THCV provision. The strain is rare but is cherished by the consumers. This Pineapple is very special. It has a 3:1 THC:THCV ratio. The strain is highly psychoactive, but the effects will not last long.

Power Plant

Power Plant is bred by Dutch Passion Seed Company. Thanks to its African origins, the stain produces quality buds. The strain can be grown in any environment and shows excellent results. The aroma of Power Plant is woody and pungent with some spicy notes.

This list of high-THCV strains is not full, and you can look for the available strains yourself. Just ask the budtender for additional information about them. The best “diet strains” are strong sativa plants with a South African origin. Though the high of these strains may be intoxicating, it subsides soon enough, which makes this kind of weed best for people who are looking for short-term effects.

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