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Mar 31, 2016 4:04 PM

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles Are Now Available in Arizona

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles is a well-known brand that offers you a wide selection of cannabis-infused edibles, topicals, and accessories that will make your personal marijuana experience way better. Starting from March 21, 2016, you can find most of Dixie's goods in Arizonian local dispensaries.

Cannabis Infused Edibles from Dixie Elixirs & Edibles

Along with other famous weed products created by Dixie, Arizonian dispensaries will receive the entire line of Dixie's branded topicals. Developed in Colorado, the line was powered by the finest cannabis plants grown in Arizona. The line contains three unique topical products infused with high-quality THC concentrate, organic oils, and other natural ingredients that help you deal with your disorder.

Marijuana-infused topicals are perfect for people who need to manage their pain without getting high or feeling the euphoria that THC usually causes. In Dixie's famous line of weed topicals, there are three products that were created over five years ago and have already proved their efficiency—Relief Balm, Bath Soak, and Muscle Relief Lotion. Each of them may help you get rid of skin irritation, muscle aches, and even joint pain.

Aside from the famous line of topical products, there will be two brand-new hemp-derived cannabinoid wellness platforms available for sale. The first, Aceso, is a wellness product line designed for people who want to make their daily life better without using any regular medications. Aceso's main goal is to introduce you to the real potential of a hemp plant and give you access to all the possible benefits from using hemp-infused products. The line consists of the three collections: Calm, Smooth, and Wellness, called to help you manage stress, pain, and support your immune system respectively.

The second line, Therabis, was designed to serve those who need our help the most—our favorite little pets. According to the company, it took them 70 dog years of research to create a perfect CBD product for pets. Just like with a human series, Therabis platform is meant to help you keep your dog healthy and active, and help it deal with daily stresses.