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May 19, 2017 12:05 PM

Does Coughing Make You Higher?

Smoking is one of the most popular ways of marijuana consumption. And while it has its benefits, there are some drawbacks that prevent you from fully enjoying your weed smoking session―and cough is among them. However, not everyone considers coughing while smoking marijuana a bad sign. Some weed users actually believe that coughing while smoking weed can improve your cannabis experience and make you feel even higher. Weedy will help you figure out if there is a truth behind this view.

Why weed smokers feel higher when they cough?

People believe that a cough from smoking weed forces your lungs to expand more and, as a result, absorb more THC. This statement is partially true. When you are coughing, your lungs compress, forcing huge amounts of air out of your lungs. This is how your body tries to get rid of irritating and harmful particles you inhale with the air you breathe, or, in the case with marijuana―with the smoke.

In order to force a huge amount air out of your lungs, you need to inhale it first. So, technically, the cough itself cannot improve your high. The short yet very deep breath you take before coughing, on the other hand, forces your lungs to expand more and, therefore, absorb more THC.

Plus, there is one more reason why it may seem like coughing from smoking weed makes you feel more stoned. Just like when you hold your hits a bit longer than you should, coughing deprives your brain of oxygen. And even though the lack of oxygen, in this case, is quite small, it is enough to make you feel a bit dizzy and light-headed. And you can easily confuse these feelings with the different, stronger kind of high you get from the weed itself.

How to stop coughing when smoking weed?

A dubious possibility to get more stoned is probably the only plus side of a cough caused by smoking marijuana. The other consequences are less pleasant: your lungs burn, your throat hurts, it gets harder to breathe. Plus, a strong cough from smoking marijuana may be a symptom of serious health problems. But how to control cough when you consume cannabis? Here are a few tricks that will help you improve your cannabis experience and stop coughing every time you use weed:

1. Smoke only high-quality weed

If you are coughing a lot right after inhaling a bit of marijuana smoke, it is not necessarily a sign that your lungs do not work well. Perhaps you have just bought a low-quality herb. Chemicals, pesticides, and different additives in marijuana cause additional irritation to your lungs, forcing you to cough each time you try to inhale the smoke. So, make sure you use only high-quality marijuana, otherwise you could seriously damage your health.

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2. Take smaller hits

Unfortunately, smokers cough from weed even when they use high-quality stuff. Sometimes, the reason you cough is that you are inhaling too much smoke. So, try taking smaller hits and see how your body reacts to that. Once your lungs get used to the smoke, you will be able to take bigger hits. However, there is a chance that smoking a weed joint just does not work well for you.

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3. Switch from smoking to vaping

In some cases, smoking marijuana may be just too harsh for your lungs. But you can try to switch from blunts and joints to bongs or vaporizers. Considering the fact that vaping is less harmful to your lungs than smoking, you will do your body a great favor.

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4. Try eating marijuana instead of smoking it

Although smoking is one of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana, it is not the only available way. Marijuana edibles have lots of benefits. For example, eating marijuana is more discreet than smoking it. It is also easier to control the amount of THC and/or CBD you consume. And, finally, cannabis-infused edibles are just delicious.

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