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Apr 12, 2017 12:05 PM

Does Weed Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Everybody knows that marijuana can make you feel extremely hungry. Depending on a strain you choose, the effects vary from a light boost of appetite to terribly strong munchies that force you to eat almost anything at your reach. But surprisingly enough, while most marijuana users consume 600 more calories per day than their non-smoking peers, cannabis users are skinnier and have less belly fat.

One of the possible reasons for correlation between cannabis use and slimmer waistline is that the plant may affect your metabolism. But does marijuana really speed up metabolism or it is just one of the many myths about the plant? We at Weedy decided to dig deeper, and this is what we have found out.

10 Cannabis-Infused Edibles That Perfectly Fit Healthy Diet
10 Cannabis-Infused Edibles That Perfectly Fit Healthy Diet
A healthy lifestyle is not about eating carrots and lettuce instead of regular meals. It is about changing your diet towards more natural, organic products that contain less fat but more fiber, minerals, and vitamins. And cannabis stores a whole lot of beneficial elements that can improve your health and reduce everyday stress.

What is metabolism?

Before we try to identify the possible link between marijuana use and metabolism, let us focus more on what metabolism actually is. Basically, metabolism is a process of converting food into energy our bodies need so much. It involves lots of chemical reactions and physical processes, and, most importantly, affects every part of our lives: from how do we look to how do we feel.

People with fast metabolism are considered to be lucky because they can eat almost anything and stay thin. Those who have a slower metabolism, however, are not that lucky because they usually have extra weight and some additional health problems.

The bottom line is that in order to stay thin and healthy, you need to boost your metabolism and keep it running at high speed. But how can cannabis help you with that?

Does Weed Make You Lose Weight
Does Weed Make You Lose Weight
As marijuana is becoming more popular by the day, people start asking questions about its compatibility with their everyday routine. According to multiple studies conducted by the researchers and scientists, marijuana patients know how to benefit from cannabis to treat their symptoms.

Does smoking weed speed up your metabolism?

One of the first studies that revealed the link between cannabis use and faster metabolism was published back in 1978 in the American Review of Respiratory Diseases. According to the study, weed had “stimulatory effects” on metabolism, meaning that smoking cannabis, in fact, may increase the speed at which your body burns calories.

Furthermore, according to a study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in 2010, there is a certain link between cannabis use and obesity. According to the study, regular marijuana users had the absolute lowest rate of overweight and obesity, even compared to people who had used weed but not on a daily basis.

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine discovered that marijuana users also have better carbohydrate metabolism, meaning that their bodies are better able to maintain the normal level of blood sugar. Plus, according to the study, cannabis users have thinner waists and therefore carry less abdominal fat than nonusers.

Finally, a study published in 2015shows that regular cannabis users are less likely to suffer from the so-called metabolic syndrome that may lead to serious and life-threatening diseases like diabetes or stroke. The scientists from the University of Miami found that weed users had lower blood sugar levels, lower levels of bad cholesterol, and less abdominal fat. Thus, marijuana users were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and/or have a heart disease.

Study Review: Marijuana and Diabetes
Study Review: Marijuana and Diabetes
A day in the life of a diabetes patient is an exercise in micromanagement: to measure blood sugar and blood pressure, to make an insulin injection, to take medicines, to keep to a meal plan. Millions of people worldwide do it several times a day throughout their whole life.

Weed and metabolism: what strain to choose?

Although we have no doubts that there is a link between marijuana and metabolism, we cannot deny the importance of choosing the right strain. Because while the link between THC and metabolism is yet to be explored, the link between THC and boosted appetite is obvious. Basically, the higher the level of THC is, the stronger your munchies will be. Probably the best solution will be to pick some mild marijuana strains that have nearly similar levels of THC and CBD, but the choice is always yours.

Most Popular Sativa Strains for Weight Loss
Most Popular Sativa Strains for Weight Loss
Every pothead knows cannabis as the product responsible for piles of sandwiches, lazy weekends on the sofa, and late-night trips to McDrive. So, why do most marijuana consumers not suffer from obesity? Researchers found that certain weed strains are able to prevent weight gain.

Just keep in mind that while marijuana may increase your metabolic rates and help you burn calories faster, what you eat still matters. And remember that metabolism is only one of the many things that affect your weight and health. In order to get the body of your dreams and stay healthy, you need to take care of yourself: replace bad habits with the good ones, reduce the level of daily stress, eat healthy food, sit less, move more, and sleep well. Fortunately, cannabis may help you solve some of these problems, too.

Make Every Experience Perfect With Cannabis
Make Every Experience Perfect With Cannabis
For those who have been using cannabis for a long time, life may often seem bleak without it. And it is not surprising! This plant is so unique yet versatile that it offers countless possibilities. The right choice of the method of consumption and strain can make any experience perfect. Here are some pairings that you can use every day.
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