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Sep 27, 2016 6:25 PM

Dutch Coffeeshops Transparency: We Offer Only Quality Weed

Despite the fact that the legal status of marijuana in the Netherlands remains in the bygone era, the whole industry is moving forward. Dutch coffeeshops are ready for complete transparency that will ensure their customers that the weed they are buying is top-notch. Soon enough, the times of questionable cannabis provenance will be gone.

Dutch Coffeeshops

The idea is largely supported by two coffeeshops that display full information about the cannabis they sell. The data contains lab-verified cannabinoid content, extensive strain information, and batch numbers. Now, you can even scan the QR codes of everything that those coffeeshops are selling. This approach is somewhat revolutionary for the Netherlands.

Smoke in Amsterdam Like Locals: Trip to Coffeeshop
Smoke in Amsterdam Like Locals: Trip to Coffeeshop
We have already published an article about tourism in the Netherlands. The question whether foreigners can buy marijuana is very important for both sides—for the tourists and the country's government. Fortunately, most big cities in Holland will gladly sell you cannabis in their famous coffeeshops.

Pioneering Coffeeshops

One of those “new-age” coffeeshops is Dizzy Duck from the Hague. The seat of Supreme Court is bound to provide high quality. The owners of Dizzy Duck have been obsessed with the quality of their products since the very opening of the shop. They were the first ones to provide their customers with the information necessary to make the right choice. And the choice of what marijuana to consume has to be very smart.

The establishment found an easy and modern way to provide the information—the clients just have to download a QR reader app and scan the barcode.

Tara van der Poel, the owner of Dizzy Duck, claims that many growers and coffeeshops add different kinds of stuff to the weed they sell to increase the weight. The woman appreciates the new system of her coffeeshop and is glad to be one of the first shops in the country to have all strains checked in the lab. The information provided by Dizzy Duck contains everything you may want to know about a strain of marijuana—the exact percentages of cannabinoids, all kinds of contaminants, and the terpenes contained in the herb. The information offered by scanning a QR code also contains photos and the list of effects.

The second establishment to include full cannabis information is Leiden's The High Society Coffeeshop. The shop is truly high society because the information provided by the seller also depicts high-quality marijuana. The coffeeshop verifies the potency and the chemical composition of its products.


The lab that provides the testing of marijuana is called Cannabytics. The company was founded by Greg Dennet who has his own long history connected to medical marijuana use. When Dennet's mother was ill, only cannabis could save her. However, the man faced the problems of testing weed for his mother—he had to wait two months to get the results and pay a lot of money. Besides, the tests had to be done by a Spanish lab. Greg Dennet was a botanist himself and decided to found his own labs in the Netherlands.

Tara van der Poel, for example, pays a fixed monthly price for an unlimited amount of tests. Usually, it takes about two days to get the results for a batch. The tests are accurate and fast. Besides, the amount of weed that is required for the testing is less than one gram, so the coffeeshop does not lose its profit. The owners of the two above-mentioned coffeeshops claim that if the results show that the herb is of poor quality, the product will not be sold, which is great news for all customers who are looking for dank weed.

How to Identify High-Quality Cannabis?
How to Identify High-Quality Cannabis?
Everyone knows that a little research before buying something can help you avoid disappointment in your purchase afterwards. Even if you buy weed at a licensed marijuana dispensary, it is also good to learn how to identify high-quality cannabis.

The Cannabytics company is situated in South Holland province. The northern area of the country was left without the testing option. Fortunately, a commercial cannabis lab now functions there, so the area's coffeeshops have an opportunity to follow the example of Dizzy Duck and The High Society Coffeeshop.