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Apr 22, 2016 8:15 AM

Eating vs. Smoking: What Is Best for You When It Comes to Cannabis?

Both recreational and medical marijuana users have access to the two most popular forms of the plant—flowers and edibles. First are more common and have a longer history, but the weed-infused edibles are the ones with secrets we want to unveil.

When you smoke marijuana, it is quite simple to decide what to choose. If you need to get some rest, you smoke an indica strain. Depending on what conditions you need to manage, you pick the particular strain. Say, to deal with severe pain, stress, and insomnia, you may use Rare Darkness. It will calm your mind and help you fall asleep for a few hours. If you need to relax without getting sleepy, however, you may pick a different strain.

With weed edibles, you can still use the same general principle: pick indica when you need to relax, take sativa to stay active, or choose a hybrid strain if you need something in-between. But the effects of edibles will differ from the effects of smoking significantly.

When you eat marijuana instead of smoking it, the effects you get last way longer. It happens that way because THC turns into 11-hydroxy-THC when being metabolized by the liver. This chemical is more psychoactive than THC your body consumes when you smoke weed. But, most importantly, 11-hydroxy-THC has quite a different impact on both your brain and your body. This is the reason why the edibles high is steadier and lasts longer than the smoking high.

This longer, steadier effect is, in fact, the main benefit of cannabis edibles compared to smoking a joint, especially for the medical marijuana users who need to manage severe conditions on a daily basis. When you take the right dose, you can get the desired effect and keep it for as long as you need without any seismic shifts. When you smoke a joint, on the other hand, it may hit you harder at first, but the effect will evaporate soon after.

Secondly, eating cannabis-infused edibles is way more fun and intriguing than just smoking. You may choose something different every day: sweets, cookies, chocolates, drinks or even sauces. And the variety of tastes and flavors is limitless when it comes to edibles. Smoking weed, after all, is nothing more than just smoking a joint.

One of the important problems you may face when you consume cannabis-infused edibles or drinks is the need of finding the right personal dosage. But this problem can be solved easily! All you need is to follow these four simple tips, and your marijuana edibles experience will remain pleasant and delightful.