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Jun 10, 2016 9:05 AM

Edibles Producers Lure Buyers with New Weed Products

Cannabis industry players are constantly surprising their customers with innovative edibles. This time, they have also noticed new areas in the weed market that may be interesting to marijuana users who are looking for unique cannabis-infused products.

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Fairwinds Manufacturing, a company located in Vancouver, Canada, decided to attract new buyers with a re-imagination of a classic product: coffee. By adding marijuana extract into coffee, they have created a new coffee line called Catapult. This weed-infused coffee is packed into single servings with 10 mg of THC each; it can be used in coffee pod machines. The manufacturer says that they use only top-quality coffee grown in Ethiopia and roasted by local Northwest roasters to create their coffee. The company grows and processes cannabis, so they infuse coffee beans with oil extracted from their marijuana plants.

The line includes coffee in regular and decaffeinated blends. The caffeinated coffee is infused with a sativa strain of cannabis to create an uplifted mood in people who drink it. The buyers who want to relax after a stressful day can opt for decaf which contains an extract of an indica strain. The customers that have already tried these marijuana-infused products liked the coffee flavor and its soothing and relaxing effect.

Though coffee is not a unique product in the cannabis market, the company also lures customers with a new powder that can be dissolved in water to make a tincture or just put under the tongue.

In addition to the new coffee and tincture, the company also produces personal lubricator, which has already become popular among cannabis users.

Before the legalization of marijuana, the company owner had an idea to start a coffee business, but now he is glad to combine coffee with weed and contribute to the development of the cannabis market. Although it becomes more difficult to compete with other producers, the company carries out scientific and market research to surprise their customers with innovative and in-demand products.

Another company located in Seattle, Washington, also uses scientific findings to infuse cannabinoids into salt and sugar. Though there are plenty of weed-infused edibles at medical marijuana dispensaries, the American Backed Company surprises cannabis users with their savory products.

The company's bakers have an extensive culinary background, so they found a new market niche by creating original sophisticated and delicious edibles. In their kitchen in the SoDo neighborhood, the bakers are making cheddar crisp crackers according to a special recipe and soak them in THC-infused oil. For cheese lovers, they also create parmesan crisp crackers that include cheese, cannabis oil, and black pepper for pungent flavor.

American Baked attracts buyers with a sweet tooth by offering them sweet sandwich cookies, espresso beans covered in chocolate, as well as caramels and chewy candies. However, the company sees the main potential in savory edibles, as they are a new niche of the industry. Moreover, the company had already succeeded in this area and won the title of the Best Savory Edible 2016 at the Dope Cup Washington.

Producing low-potency edibles, American Baked wants to give a delectable experience to people who still have doubts about consuming marijuana. If you are in Seattle now, you can find the company's innovative edibles at one of local marijuana dispensaries.