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Mar 21, 2016 9:48 AM

Enjoy the Taste of Best Indica Strains

The taste of marijuana is one of its most important qualities; naturally, we pay a lot of attention to it. A perfect strain is a combination of potent effects and a pleasant flavor. Do not waste your time on boring experiences, try any indica strain from our list and savor it.

Purple Kush

This pure indica strain is truly Californian in its origin. Coming from the Oakland area, it is a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The aroma of Purple Kush is not too strong, rather, it is subtle but pleasant nevertheless. Top earthy notes are typical for the Kush varieties while the sweet overtones make this strain more appealing for all stoners with a sweet tooth. A slight grape flavor makes Purple Kush a tasty indica strain that will leave a pleasant aftertaste for the whole day.

Moreover, this tasty combination can provide you a long-lasting bliss—a euphoric high that can help you get rid of all signs of stress, depression, and pain. It is a good remedy against insomnia as it is hard to keep your eyes open after the complete relaxation that the strain is famous for.

Sin City Kush

Everything about this strain is alluring. Its name makes you interested in the strain, the mix of deep purple and green hues makes you want to buy this eye-candy, a rich white trichome coat and the sweet aroma promise you a tasty experience and quality high. The strain is valued for the quality of clean buds that should come without any stems or plant matter. The intense aroma of Sin City Kush is easily recognizable after you had some experience with this strain. The strain was professionally bred by Alphakronik Genes Seeds as a cross between Snowdawg and LVPK. The sweet vanilla flavor of the later was enriched by the fruity notes of Snowdawg. The combination of two intense flavors resulted in a strain that impresses with its rich aroma that dwells in your house as a pleasant reminder of a tasty smoke. Slight notes of grapes further enhance the taste of Sin City Kush, making smoking it a truly unique experience.


Blueberry is one of the most famous indica strains. Due to its strong berry smell and taste, this strain is very popular for the recreational use. The aroma is so rich that it smells even better than the actual berries. The taste is also top-notch and resembles blueberry pancakes. Buy a vape, fill it with the Blueberry buds and enjoy the feeling of a delicious breakfast on a sunny day. This strain brings back the sweet memories of tasty family meals that included pancakes and berry sauce.

However, the strain is good not only for recreational purposes. It is also a fine remedy for people with such symptoms and conditions as depression, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Be ready for a giggly euphoric high provided by the sweet and fresh flavor of this popular indica strain. Blueberry is truly an A-list strain. It has been named the best indica strain in 2000.

Sugar Black Rose

Surely a dark horse among other popular strains on our list, Sugar Black Rose has the most memorable taste of all. It is a relatively young strain but it has already gathered hundreds of fans. When people taste Sugar Black Rose for the first time, they immediately become wrapped by its delicious aroma and flavor. Being a cross between two indica strains with strong, sweet, and flowery flavors—Black Domina and Critical Mass—Sugar Black Rose combines their best qualities and outshines them greatly. The earthy musk aroma of the strain reminds you of exotic countries, and the floral notes add fresh fruits and flowers to the mix. To feel the exotic high of Sugar Black Rose you just need to visit a place where you can buy a vape or rolling papers, go to a headshop near you to buy this delicious strain, and enjoy a long-lasting bliss.

Fruity Chronic Juice

The combination of sweet, citrus, and earthy notes results in a notable flavor of Fruity Chronic Juice. This strain has been bred by Delicious Seed and has some truly delicious “parents": earthy, woody, and sweet Chronic and the world's most famous classic strain, White Widow, that leaves you cheerful and carefree. The strain opens up with the flavor of citrus fruits that make you crispy and energized; the flavor is complemented by subtle undertones of pine on exhale. The effects of Fruity Chronic Juice are a perfect balance between the body uplift and relaxation. Feel calm and creative at the same time.

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