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Apr 10, 2017 12:25 PM

First Marijuana Dispensary for Children Opens in California

While marijuana opponents are furiously protecting children from access to the substance, the industry is moving in the opposite direction. Jayden's Journey is a new California dispensary that mainly appeals to kids with debilitating conditions.

Image credit: Jason and Jayden's Journey (Jason and Jayden's Journey Facebook сommunity)

Protecting children from cannabis is the main argument of people who stand against the legalization of marijuana. The results of statewide polls showing that the legalization of cannabis for adult use has not led to the increase of its use among teenagers do not persuade the weed opponents.

Myth Busted: Teenagers Decrease Cannabis Use in States with Legal Marijuana
Myth Busted: Teenagers Decrease Cannabis Use in States with Legal Marijuana
A national survey carried out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows no evidence of marijuana legalization leading to an increase in cannabis use among youth.

Even California's marijuana initiative, Prop. 64, which was finally adopted last year, contains a final clause “while protecting children” to mollify the opponents.

However, children are an important reason why medical marijuana is legalized in most American states. Cannabis oil has appeared to be one of the most effective medicines for managing intractable seizures in children. So, kids need marijuana not less than anyone else, but the fear that pot can damage them is still deeply integrated into the public opinion.

In contrast, when Jason David opened his Modesto-based dispensary, he named it in honor of his younger son who suffers from Dravet's syndrome.

Countless intractable seizures had happened to Jayden David every day until his parents started giving him cannabis oil. The results of this treatment were so impressive that Jason David decided to produce Jayden's Juice for sale. It is an oil high in CBD and low in THC.

Medical Marijuana for Seizures: Latest Scientific Discoveries
Medical Marijuana for Seizures: Latest Scientific Discoveries
Thanks to marijuana legalization, scientists have turned their attention to the health properties of cannabis. Applying medical marijuana for seizures, they have discovered the potential benefits of CBD that unlike THC does not lead to a euphoric effect, addiction, or paranoia.

According to David, nearly a quarter of a million patients die from conventional medicines per year, but nobody pays attention to these horrible statistics. Meanwhile, the whole family suffers if a child is sick, so something should be done to help them.

The case with David's son is not the only one. Previously, Charlotte Figi who had an intractable form of epilepsy was successfully treated with cannabis oil in Colorado. There are also other cases when marijuana treatment reduced seizures in children by 90 percent.

The Jayden's Journey dispensary appeals mainly to children, but adults can also go there to find dried cannabis flowers and concentrates high in THC, as well as weed products high in CBD. David's primary goal is to help children, but adults can also significantly improve their health with the cannabis from his shop.

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