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Apr 6, 2016 8:00 AM

Forget About Insomnia With Zombie OG

Are you tired of your overactive mind that does not let you sleep at night? Do you feel chronic muscle tension that chases away your drowsiness? Zombie OG strain can bring back your sound sleep and cheerful mornings filled with high spirits and fresh thoughts.

Zombie OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Blackberry and OG Kush. Comparing to other marijuana strains, this hybrid has a very high potency (18-21% of THC). If you consume too much of this OG weed, it will prove its name and turn you into a sleepy “zombie.” The strain plants have spade-shaped buds of light green color that are densely covered with orange hairs and a fine blanket of white trichomes and resin. The buds have a delicate kush and berry smell with hints of lavender and pine. Zombie OG has a bittersweet taste that can definitely be called unique.

If you have a low tolerance to medical marijuana, start using this strain in moderation because its high THC level can harm your body if you are not used to it. Cannabis consumers describe the strain effect as an almost immediate high of mind that makes them euphoric, social, and extremely giggly. In a short time, this effect is replaced with a body heaviness that leaves them utterly sedated with a deep feeling of drowsiness. Weed users also report deep relaxation of muscle tension and spasms, as well as chronic pain relief. Then patients usually ease into a peaceful and lethargic sleep that is free of any pain and worries.

Due to its high potency and strong sedative effect, Zombie OG is prescribed by doctors as an ideal organic medication for treating cannabis patients suffering from nausea, arthritis, sharp pain, muscle spasms, and moderate cases of sleep disorders and depression. If you want to increase your appetite, Zombie OG is not the best choice for you. This strain will neither make you hungry nor boost your energy level. In contrast, you will feel a wonderful chilling effect that melts your headache and gives you a deep feeling of calm and mellow. The best time for using Zombie OG is in the evening or at night, when you are not going to do anything or drive anywhere.

Has this strain managed to fight your insomnia or stressful condition? Write us about your experience with Zombie OG in the comments below.