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Jul 30, 2016 9:25 AM

Former Apple Employee Presents Sensational Line of Weed Edibles

Eric Eslao, a former Apple employee, is ready to present the most beautiful line of weed edibles you have ever seen. And, believe us, even the best online headshop cannot offer something as sophisticated as this.

Sensational Line of Weed Edibles

Nowadays, the headshops have a lot to offer. We can choose among various types of marijuana edibles but do not usually pay attention to the way they are presented. Eric Eslao changed the whole idea of weed edibles and made them, if we may say so, user-friendly.

Game Changing

The main problem of weed edibles is that users usually do not know how much marijuana they are actually ingesting. Eric Eslao managed to redesign the weed-infused edibles so that the customers know for sure how much marijuana each bite of chocolate contains.

Eric Eslao worked as a production manager at Apple for six years, and now he decided to make a contribution to the development of the weed industry. His company Défoncé Chocolatier provides marijuana devotees with the most incredible and user-friendly weed edibles the world has ever seen. Défoncé is the name that comes from the French word for “stoned.” Besides sounding nice, it also fits great with the goods the company makes.


Each Défoncé chocolate bar contains 180 milligrams of THC, the main marijuana psychoactive ingredient. The experienced users know that eating the whole bar at once is not a good idea, so they usually start with consuming a small piece of the bar. But how potent is this piece of chocolate? The marijuana devotees usually measure it by eye, which is not right. That is why Défoncé Chocolatier provides its chocolate bars with a special three-dimensional design. Thanks to this design, every person can divide the chocolate bar into 18 pyramids. Each of the pyramids contains 10 milligrams of THC and is equal to a couple of hits off a pipe. Pretty handy, is it not?

Such redesign is extremely important, especially for inexperienced and sensitive users. Moreover, even the experienced marijuana devotees will certainly appreciate it.


Another difference between regular pot chocolate and Défoncé is that Eslao’s company infuses its dainties with CO2 oil, a concentrated cannabis extract, instead of cannabis-infused butter. What benefits does it provide? Professionals usually make their chocolate with CO2 because it distributes more evenly during manufacturing. It allows the manufacturers to be sure that two equal pieces of the bar contain the same percent of THC. And this small detail makes the difference.

Moreover, the chocolate that is used to make Défoncé chocolate bars is provided by two famous retailers, TCHO and Guittard Chocolate Company. They are known to be the manufacturers of high-quality gourmet chocolate. Furthermore, the customers can choose between coffee, vanilla bean, dark, mint, matcha, and hazelnut chocolate flavors.

Eric Eslao is sure that his chocolate bars that are made with high-quality ingredients and have a smart design will elevate the weed edibles industry. His experience at Apple changed the way he looked at things and made him sure that high quality even of the smallest details really mattered.


The Défoncé Chocolatier company has a rather famous partner in the person of Matt Masera, who is a celebrity chef from San Francisco. The company is going to employ his talent to expand its edibles line to marijuana-infused baking chocolates and pot syrups.

Currently, the chocolate dainties by Défoncé Chocolatier are available in various California dispensaries and can be purchased for only $20 each. Moreover, if California witnesses the legalization of recreational marijuana this November, the edibles devotees will be able to enjoy this chocolate perfection in restaurants pretty soon.

What is a headshop of your dreams? Certainly, the one that offers Défoncé chocolates!