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Apr 10, 2016 5:55 PM

From Jamaica With Love: Four Bob Marley's Favorite Sativa Strains

As marijuana legalization continues in its historic move forward, it is easy to get lost in so many strains. But let us make it easy for you. This list includes four Jamaican marijuana strains inspired by those the world's most famous reggae singer Bob Marley enjoyed.

Bob Marley's Favorite Sativa Strains

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

The birthplace of the famous pot-lover, Jamaica, is a place where cannabis consuming has been illegal for the past 67 years. Fortunately, last year, the situation started to change with the passing of the “ganja law” (Dangerous Drugs Act) that decriminalizes cannabis: Rastafarians can now grow their lovely ganja on permitted lands, possess it in under two-ounce units, and use it only for religious, scientific, and medical purposes.

The land is known for its good sativa strains that offer an uplifting, energetic high and are amazing pain-killers and mood-boosters. Many Rastas believe that cannabis is a powerful substance that opens people's minds to the truth.

Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid (90 percent sativa, 10 percent indica). It is a strong and stable plant with the aroma of fresh sweet lime and pine with coffee undertones.

This strain of Jamaican genetics has a pine tree-like structure and produces tight, dense buds covered with orange hairs. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The plant provides a strong, energetic high, typical for a sativa strain, thus, it is recommended for day use. All these medicinal and taste qualities make Jamaican Dream perfect for treating stress and fatigue.

If you really need to get cracking, Jamaican Dream will help. Coupled with some great music, it is likely to become the best wake and bake strain you try in your life.


This strain refers to the indigenous varieties of landraces. Jamaican is a very electric, cerebral sativa. The shores of the island give all the sun and heat to the plant, so a nice, pleasant buzz from smoking buds keeps you going all day and night.

Though for a millennium this psychoactive plant has been used in the East-Indian culture for the purpose of communing with gods, marijuana was also used for its healing value. If you are looking for a strain that can help you get rid of pain and stress, Jamaican can become the most powerful and happy medication you have ever tried.

Great thick smoke, an uplifting experience, lots of happiness, no anxiety. It is like if Marley himself gave it you to take a long drag on his amp joint. Do not worry, be happy!

King's Bread

King's Bread (or King's Breath) is a pure sativa strain with amazing THC content (21 percent). It originates from the Blue Mountains from Jamaica, where the plants have been grown by only a limited number of old Rastafarians. The plant produces some of the finest buds—fingerlings-like medium green nuggets with some traces of light brown and purple. The smell is minty, citrus, and sweet, with cheese undertones. Unlike the usual sativa high effects, the buzz is light, relaxing, and clear, which makes it perfect to smoke even in the afternoon.

The plant got its name from the bread of the kings because according to the legend, the emperor in 1600 and King Solomon during his rule were smoking this legendary cannabis strain.

Jamaican Perl

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid (85 percent sativa, 15 percent indica) crossed between a sativa Early Pearl and a pure indica Marley's Collie. Jamaican Perl provides a mellow, breezy cerebral high usually associated with the marijuana strains from the island of Jamaica.

This plant can never be confused with any other marijuana strain: its tall, firm, thick stems reach aggressively toward the sky trying to absorb all the sunlight and warmth. Jamaican Perl is considered a real innovation in marijuana breeding—this Caribbean ganja is adapted for the European climate and can grow almost everywhere!

The buds have a pungent flavor and an aroma of tropical fruits. The bracing high can help you get energy and feel focused for the whole day. It is also a great treatment of stress, anxiety, and migraines.

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