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Jul 21, 2016 9:30 AM

Geeky Strains for Comic-Con Fans

This year's Comic-Con is the event that thousands of people have been dreaming about for a long time. This annual gathering is a truly exciting event. If you are head over heels about the upcoming days, we suggest you calm your nerves by using a marijuana strain named after all those things that we celebrate this time of a year.

This article is fully devoted to the geeky side all of us have.

Dark Knight

If Batman knew about this strain, he would save a lot of time. The Dark Knight cannabis can knock out many villains. For some of them, the effects will be meditative—the strain can put any enemy of the Cursed Crusader in a relaxed and dream-like state. Some Batman's enemies could be affected in a completely different way—the Dark Knight strain can also make the person energetic and utterly happy. The villains will only be able to share their happiness and euphoria with the others.

Doctor Who

Though we all know that the tenth Doctor is the best, you can still discuss the issue with your friends at this Comic-Con while smoking a bowl of Doctor Who weed. To understand the Time Lord better, you have to try his namesake marijuana strain.

Doctor Who has dense buds and a wonderful woody smell. The plant has rich green, purple, and orange hues that together create beautiful buds. The nugs are densely covered in trichomes. After using this strain, you will be left in a time and relative dimension in space. Be prepared to face the attack of Daleks on your way.

Captain Kirk

Every one of us knows the courageous captain of The Starship Enterprise. This strain is named after the greatest space captain that has been ever mentioned in our galaxy. So, the cannabis strain has to be as bold as James Tiberius Kirk.

Captain Kirk is a rather potent strain that can contain up to 23 percent of THC—this is not the best option for newbies. If you decide to try this strain that has been named after a geek hero, you should be prepared for a ruthless invasion of your mind by Enterprise. You will feel the buzz straight away.

Death Star

Just as any fan of Comic-Con, you simply must know about the Death Star and what it means to all geeks of our planet. However, we have stumbled upon a weed strain that can be as powerful as the real Death Star. One could even say that the Death Star strain can destroy planets just as easily as it is done by the Star from the movie.

There is also a group of other Star Wars related strains that are waiting to be explored by you.

May the Force Be With You: Yoda, Darth Vader, Death Star Strains Are at One
May the Force Be With You: Yoda, Darth Vader, Death Star Strains Are at One
Have you already watched the new episode of the epic Star Wars franchise? Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great movie by itself, but if you want to enhance your experience, load the bowl with a special Star Wars cannabis strain and enjoy the “Jedi high.”

Bruce Banner

We have already mentioned this strain on several of our lists, but Bruce Banner deserves to be mentioned one more time. First of all, it is not only one of the highest marijuana strains ever created.

Highest THC Strains Ever
Highest THC Strains Ever
Constant development is what drives our world forward. All spheres of our life benefit from improvement and cannabis industry is not an exception to this rule. The most significant change pertaining to marijuana during the previous decade is the constant increase of the plant's THC level.

Bruce Banner is arguably the most potent hybrid strain and will probably remain so for many years to come.

What Hybrid Marijuana Strain Is the Strongest?
What Hybrid Marijuana Strain Is the Strongest?
Even with an extensive variety of marijuana strains we have nowadays, we often search for something new. Experienced stoners prefer to look for the strongest strains to experience a high that they will not forget for a long time.

In addition to the strain's popularity due to the high content of THC, this strain is a proud owner of a name that is appreciated by all geeks of the country. Every one of us dreams of being as strong as the Hulk and simply crashing anything we want. If you are looking for a cool strain to accompany you at this year's Comic-Con, choose Bruce Banner and see how much other fans envy you.

Zombie Joints

When you are at the Comic-Con, you should always expect a lonely zombie that can appear from a nearby corner. The fans of The Walking Dead already know to be careful with these undead creatures. Now, you have to be careful as well. The potency of one Zombie Joint is increased by the addition of hash to these rolls. Each Zombie Joint is stored in a plastic cylinder that can easily be kept in your pocket. Just choose the right strain from the list above to roll the joint and enjoy your time at SDCC.

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