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Mar 3, 2017 12:20 PM

Get Rid of Cannabis Odor With These Tricks

It often happens that the weed you smoke leaves a heavy odor. In fact, the aroma is the key feature of all marijuana. Though every strain has its own unique bouquet of smells, there are some notes that are common for all of them. But what can you do to get rid of the smell?

Get Rid of Cannabis Odor With These Tricks

As we all know, cannabis contains an array of terpenes that are highly valued among stoners. However, these odoriferous organic compounds may happen be the worst part of cannabis. While this aroma is the best perfume for a true stoner, it is also quite revealing. There are no ways to enjoy weed without getting smelly except for eating infused edibles.

5 Most Pleasurable and Reliable Marijuana Edibles
5 Most Pleasurable and Reliable Marijuana Edibles
When you are choosing marijuana-infused edibles at your dispensary, consider the THC dosage and the experience you wish to get before you purchase them. 10 mg of THC may be enough to relax at the end of a busy day, but to relieve your chronic pain, you may need 100 mg of THC or even more.

Despite all the efforts made in public education, the society's opinion on the herb is mostly negative. Even if you use weed for medication, you may not want to share this information with your friends. So, can we do anything to mask the smell of weed if we need a fresh-smelling house? Yes, there are a few classic approaches that can help you with this problem.


When it comes to blocking the weed odor, the bathroom is the best place to smoke in. First of all, you have to turn on the hot water, thus filling the room with steam. This way, the smoke dissipates alongside the steam when it is sucked into the bathroom fan. To isolate the room, place a wet towel at the bottom of the door to close all possible gaps. In the end, mask the remnants of terpenes with your rich shower toiletries.

Another way to use a bathroom fan is called “the toilet bowl.” This way of eliminating the smell is one of the trickiest. When you have no choice but to smoke inside, take a few stick matches with you to the bathroom. Light them and turn on the fan. Working together, they can take care of the odor.

Burnt Popcorn

If you do not care about your house very much and just want your visitors to never know that you have been smoking, you can mask the cannabis aroma with an even worse odor. There are few smells that can mask any stench in the house—a bag of burnt popcorn will work like magic.

Be careful when trying to crisp the corn to a right degree—you can accidentally start a fire and will have to explain the situation to firemen.

Mathematical Decision

We have a simple equation that will help you make the odor less intense. The formula is quite clear: paper towel + rubber band + dryer sheet. Let us explain this method. Get a roll of paper towels, place a dryer sheet at the end and fix it with a rubber band. The idea is to exhale the smoke slowly into the roll. This construction combined with the slow pace will give the odor time to diffuse.

Aromatic Oil

This approach may remind you of the hippies and their days. Aromatic oils can mask the scent of marijuana. The most effective one is the patchouli oil. The small flowers of this plant are famous for their lasting scent. Besides, this aroma is believed to be a great antidepressant and aphrodisiac. Well, this definitely explains the famous hippie motto—“make love, not war.”

Another hippie signature is Nag Champa. This is an incense that is burnt in ashrams. This substance is a mixture of several very aromatic notes: henna, Champa flower, vanilla, honey, and some other ingredients. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone—get rid of the cannabis odor and relax during and after the smoking session.

There are many other methods that can help with the weed smell. Among them is using Febreeze, vacuum-sealed containers, smoke filters, etc. If you have created your own anti-odor approach, do not hesitate to share it with us.

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