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Sep 25, 2016 9:25 AM

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies is arguably the most popular strain today. You cannot find a stoner who does not know about this strain. Moreover, Girl Scout Cookies is universal and easily enters the list of people's favorites. We have long waited for the opportunity to present you with the strain that will most likely satisfy your needs.

If you want to explore the world of cannabis to the fullest, you have to try this strain and form your own opinion about this mega-star.

General Information

Girl Scout Cookies is a well-known hybrid whose parents are Durban Poison and OG Kush. The strain has a fair number of phenotypes that are almost as popular as the original one. The popularity of this hybrid comes from its strong genetics and the pop culture promotion. Of course, the latter may be a driving force of Girl Scout Cookies' boom, but the strain would never be so highly appreciated if it were low-quality.

The sativa component is predominant in the strain, which guarantees you a strong buzz. If you want to grow Girl Scout Cookies yourself, you will have to wait about 10 weeks for the plant to finish its flowering period. However, this time means nothing in comparison with the harvest that you can get from this plant. If you grow it properly and take good care of the plant, you will get buds of the highest quality.

Appearance and Flavor

The Girl Scout Cookies strain looks really great. The buds look very fresh and shine with different shades of green. Purple and orange hairs make the buds even more attractive. When you buy the buds in a local headshop, remember that not only the smell and texture are important but the appearance is also a major criterion in determining the quality of weed.

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How to Identify High-Quality Cannabis?
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The smell of Girl Scout Cookies is earthy but fresh. Just imagine that you are standing in a forest and enjoying the surrounding air—now you get the picture. The flavor is also unique for this line of cannabis, and you can hardly mistake it for anything else—it is sweet and spicy. The flavor combines the caramel taste of burned sugar and the spicy notes of pepper that itself may act somewhat similar to cannabis.

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Recreational Effects

The strain's potency is incredible—Girl Scout Cookies can contain up to 28 percent of THC. This high figure allows the strain to enter the list of the most potent strains in the market.

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Have you ever been at the highest level of euphoria? Girl Scout Cookies can bring you there. The buzz engulfs your whole body and makes it relaxed. Your mind will also be wrapped up in the high. You will find it hard to focus on complex tasks. Expect your mind to wander to distant places. Be careful and limit the dose you take at a time if you have never tried the strain before. Your body may not be ready for a high dose yet.

Medical Effects

The full-body relaxation provided by Girl Scout Cookies is the main attraction that leads thousands of medical marijuana users to this strain. The herb is exceptionally popular among patients who suffer from anxiety and stress. Many people have already said “goodbye” to depression after the Girl Scout treatment.

The side-effects of the strain include major munchies and the possibility of dry mouth. However, munchies are exactly what people with appetite problems need.

If you want to buy the strain, you may find it almost in any dispensary—Girl Scout Cookies have spread far beyond the borders of its Californian homeland.