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Aug 25, 2016 9:10 AM

Got High? Now Try These 4 Drinks!

Now, who are we to argue that cannabis is a uniquely good thing just as it is, thank you? Still, oftentimes smoking weed may have a somewhat unfortunate side-effect: dry mouth. This is were various drinks come in. In this article, we have reviewed four drinks we personally consider to go extremely well with cannabis.

Orange juice

“Orange juice, really?” I hear you ask. Of course, orange juice may seem like a pedestrian and blatantly uninspired choice of drink. Nevertheless, I have to admit this is one of my personal favorites. It is fresh, delicious, and goes really smoothly with most weed strains. There are even rumors that orange juice can increase (or prolong) your high, but science is unsure on this matter as of yet.

Pros: inexpensive, delicious, rumored to increase your high (placebo effect is real!).
Cons: a really boring choice, only plain water would be more boring.


While rumors about orange juice increasing your high are exactly that—rumors, there is some science that seems to point into the general direction of coffee and cannabis combined being more than just a sum of two parts. Apparently, coffee is not going to make your high stronger, but it may make it last longer. And longer is good, right?

Pros: many people like coffee.
Cons: many people do not.

Cannabis vs. Coffee: Science Behind Two Drugs
Cannabis vs. Coffee: Science Behind Two Drugs
Due to the rapid boost of the popularity of cannabis, people want to know more about the “dark and light sides” of cannabis use.


For those of you who do not know it, we are talking about Alo, the self-styled “#1 Aloe Beverage in U.S. Grocery Stores.” Now ask yourself, how many other aloe beverages do you know? Do not rush it, take as long as you need. Right, you probably did not know about this one before you read this article. It is not very surprising, as aloe is, by itself, quite bitter. Even extremely bitter, when you think of it. Still, Alo is strangely delicious and goes quite well with marijuana. You should try it!

Pros: it is really different.
Cons: a nightmare for everyone who has tasted raw aloe plant, ever.

Mountain Dew

This one is a true mystery for all of us here at Weedy. Yet, various flavors of Mountain Dew are highly regarded on many marijuana forums as a go-to drink after smoking. It is strange, but the statistics are undeniable. Probably, a good option if you want a cold and refreshing drink, and you do not want fruit juice right now.

Pros: popularity; also, it is fizzy!
Cons: not too classy, if I may say so, good sir!

Science Confirms Side Effects of Mixing Weed and Alcohol
Science Confirms Side Effects of Mixing Weed and Alcohol
In search of the difference between alcohol and weed, some individuals try to use these two drugs together. However, getting high on weed and alcohol at the same time may cause side effects that are not investigated enough by scientists.

Of course, these drinks listed above are only our take on the problem of finding a perfect liquid to drink while you are high. Do you think that all of these suggestions are just plain wrong? Maybe, we have forgotten to mention that one drink you always have after smoking a joint or two? Please, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.