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Jun 6, 2016 9:05 AM

Grape Skunk Cannabis Strain Review

This marijuana beauty is a must-have. Entering a coffeeshop for the first time, you will fall in love with these purple buds at first sight. While all other strains gleam with different shades of the usual cannabis green, Grape Skunk really stands out.

Besides, the color of the strain immediately brings ripe grapes into your mind, triggering the memories of the associated smell and flavor. Though the buds of Grape Skunk are not super-dense, it is not a crucial factor. When you grind your new purchase, the strain breaks up pretty well and leaves fluffy herbs. The buds are usually of medium or large size with almost no stems.

General Information

The genetics of Grape Skunk are pretty amazing as this indica-dominant strain has three parents: Super Skunk, Grapefruit, and Blueberry. All of them have a strong aroma and are quite popular among stoners. Grape Skunk mostly takes after Super Skunk and Blueberry and shares bold relaxing effects with them.

The strain's growing also has strong indica features with short and bushy plants that flower at about week seven. This strain is an extremely fast producer. The perfect genotype will provide you with a dense harvest in a short period of time. Another benefit of this strain is that you can grow it both outside and inside. Besides, certain growing conditions can give this strain some electric blue coloring, which makes it even more alluring for “marijuana aesthetes.”

It is natural that like all marijuana strains with fruit names, Grape Skunk should also possess the sweet flavor associated with its name. This time, the strain took all it could from its berry parent. Sweet and berry—it is a perfect mix for any sedating indica strain. The heavy aroma envelopes you in its sweetness and holds you there for the rest of your smoking experience. The addition of traditional skunk notes is what makes the strain even more special and noticeable.

Recreational Use

Do you know the term “heavy-hitter”? Do you know the feeling when the very first toke makes you all cheesy and relaxed? Well, Grape Skunk may be considered a heavy-hitter. What amazes the most about this strain are its pain-relieving properties. However, let us concentrate on the recreational benefits of Grape Skunk at first.

The strain is a simple indica that we are all used to. It provides relaxing effects to both our body and mind. This purple treasure can make you feel calm and carefree. Although it is a heavy strain, Grape Skunk leaves you sedated but still interested in the outer world. After smoking this strain, you will function as well as after a clear sativa strain. However, we would not recommend driving a car under the influence of this weed.

Medical Use

Health-wise, the strain is perfect for people with chronic pain. Even if you are not impressed by Skunk's smell, appearance, or recreational properties, you will appreciate the strain for the pain relief it provides. Besides, stress is not an enemy to you with this skunk strain. Smoke cannabis in the evening and enjoy your favorite TV show without worrying about your routine problems.

Like all indica strains, Grape Skunk is a good remedy for people who have some kind of sleep disorders. This strain may not be the most popular one in the market, but it is definitely worth trying. Who knows, maybe Grape Skunk will become your favorite strain after you try it.

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