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Apr 23, 2016 5:30 PM

Green Dream Strain Review

If you need to calm down during a stressful period or in a sudden anxiety or panic attack in the daytime, the Green Dream strain is a good option. It is one of sativa hybrid strains bred for managing all kinds of mood and sleep disorders.

Just a few puffs of Green Dream can make you feel energized, blissful, and calm. With micro-dosing, you can reach a highly focused state and stay alert for a couple of hours while the marijuana effect is still working.


The strain is the result of combining two sativas—Blue Dream and Green Crack. Apart from standard sativa properties, these parents granted their child with wonderful deep-purple trichomes, brownish-orange hairs, and emerald-green leaves. The color looks very luxurious; it may even seem like this strain was bred specially for its appearance.

The buds have average density and open structure. The leaves are covered with tiny resinous crystals.


The aroma of Green Dream is a bit tricky. At first, you smell a skunky aroma with some earthy notes, but once you smash the bud, it overwhelms you with a heavy citrus-like scent with fresh elements of pine and blueberry. The scent is not pungent, but we may say that it fits its purple appearance perfectly.


When it comes to the flavor, you may expect a classic sativa taste: a bit skunky, a bit earthy, not extremely pungent, but instead with some light floral and citrus notes. You may expect quite a complex taste that surprises you with unique undertones.

Effect and medicinal purpose

Green Dream has a great mood-elevating effect, therefore, it is mostly prescribed to patients who suffer from different mood disorders, stress, anxiety, or depression. It is also a great source of energy and creativity, so if you have had some sleepless nights, but the deadline at work is approaching, a small dose of Green Dream can provide you with the necessary kick in the ass so you can finally start working instead of procrastinating.

With a larger dose, you may expect the strain to bring you pain relief. It can also ease your gastrointestinal problems, alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, and help deal with other diseases and disorders. It is good for the patients who want to treat their pain but avoid the sedative effect. Of course, like most sativa strains, this weed provides relaxation and a general feeling of warmth in the body; but your overall state can be described as smoothly energetic, there is no heavy sleepy indica effect.

The strain is not one of the most potent ones, but with the THC level of about 10%, it gives you a nice smooth high that lasts for up to two hours.

You may find Green Dream in dispensaries for about $50 for one-eighth of an ounce.

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