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Mar 7, 2016 10:32 AM

Guava Dawg Review

Guava Dawg is a great example of an indica dominant hybrid with a sweet aroma of tropical fruit. Top Dawg Genetics used different weed strains, like Stardaws, Afghani #1, and Tres Dawg, to create Guava Dawg by genetic crossing. As of today, this is one of the finest strains developed in a lab environment. You should definitely try this strain, as Guava Dawg is well flavored and has the most potent content among all strains on the market.

Strain Features

Guava Dawg plants have broad leaves and thick, fat flowers densely arranged on the stems. The buds have bright green color, and orange hairs cover the plant completely. Look closely, and you will see a lot of frosty dusting from the trichomes. This medical strain has an intense aroma, so have it packed in several bags when you buy it. Otherwise, your car will be full of its chemical scent before you get home. However, the strain changes its flavor into tropical when you grind the buds up.

As for the taste, Guava Dawg tastes chemically at first like any other cannabis strain. But as soon as you pass that first stage, the strain will tease tour taste buds with a sweet tropical flavor and a light mint aftertaste. People who smoked the Guava Dawg strain cannot forget its pleasant taste for a long time. Cannabis gourmets report that this strain's taste is one of the most decadent they have ever tried. That is why you should definitely become familiar with Guava Dawg if you like trying new unique things.

Medicating Effect

As it was mentioned before, Guava Dawg is one of the strongest strains comparing to others available on the legal medical marijuana market today. The strain is known to be indica-dominant, with a THC level that reaches 22-25% in the strain's buds. However, the cannabis effect depends on how you consume Guava Dawg. It affects your body faster if you smoke the weed, but it takes some time if you eat it in the form of edibles. Obviously, this strain is not for pot patients with a low tolerance. It is also not recommended for newbies who might not like its special taste. Seasoned users that found Guava Dawg in cannabis dispensaries report that this strain does not put you in your best shape immediately. But it provides a strong, long-lasting effect on your body with all cannabis benefits.

Thanks to the strong dose of cannabinoids, Guava Dawg is a perfect painkiller that can be used for almost any type of body pain you might have: backaches, chronic pains, headaches, etc. Guava Dawg also reduces stress conditions and is a good replacement for pills if you suffer from anxiety, irritability, or anti-social mood. The herbaceous qualities of this strain are ideal for people who deal with insomnia. Because of its sedative effect, Guava Dawg is not recommended to be consumed in the morning or when you need to drive your car. Unlike other medical strains, this cannabis hybrid does not lead to the increase of appetite. Thus, if you want to treat poor appetite or eating disorder, look for another strain at your medical cannabis dispensary.

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