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Apr 20, 2016 5:50 PM

Gucci OG Strain Review

Like most OG relatives from southern California, Gucci OG has a nice aroma of lemon and pine, though it also has a unique scent element—a note of sweet berry. Its distinctive odor is very strong and can be spotted a mile away, so keep this in mind if you do not want people to know what you are doing.

Gucci OG Strain Review

Origin of Gucci OG

Gucci OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain which was bred by mixing Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. The last one is probably the most prominent in this genetic mixture; some people think that Gucci OG is just an alternative name for OG Kush.

Gucci OG is a “sister” to Versace strain, which is sativa-dominant. Both of them were bred by The Higher Path about eight years ago and still are reserved exclusively by this company.

In dispensaries, you can find OG in tiny compact nugs or large clusters. Both variants have an extremely distinctive odor, so the chances that you will confuse it with some other strain are minimal.


The buds of Gucci OG strain are beautifully elegant, with an intensive green color covered by brown threads. The flowers are thick and bushy and look like a perfect marijuana flower.

The aroma of Gucci OG strain is well-balanced with the strain's taste: you can enjoy apple-like notes with a sweet berry hint.

Effect of Gucci OG

This strain's effect vary a lot with different doses. With micro-dosing, Gucci OG brings you strength, energy, creativity, and help you stay focused, so you may feel optimistic and energetic the whole day. However, larger doses provide significant sedative effect and a bit dizzying euphoria, which is no good for the day time, unless you consume the strain for medical purposes.

With a very low CBD/CBN percentage (0.58 % and 0.15 %), Gucci OG has a powerful knockout high. THC level is usually around 16-17%, which is not the highest on the market, but it is more than good for its price.

Generally, Gucci OG, like most other “couchlock strains,” is supposed to be consumed only by patients who have high tolerance to heavy Indica effects. If micro-dosing is okay for an average user, a normal dose can cause nausea and confusion. Therefore, this strain is good for patients who suffer from insomnia, stress, arthritis, bipolar disorder, or chronic pain, but is not recommended for users who do not need marijuana as medicine or are not familiar with such an overwhelming sedative effect.

The best medicinal effect can be reached by consuming Gucci OG weed using a vaporizer. In this case, you will avoid damage by hot particles to your throat and lungs.

Growing Gucci OG

This strain is really good for growing hydroponically, and in fact, most of the samples you can find in dispensaries were grown this way. The yield appears a bit later than average, after 10-11 weeks, but the dense, beautiful buds are definitely worth waiting.

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