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Oct 27, 2016 12:55 PM

Halloween Edibles to Fill the Bowl

Halloween is a dear holiday to us all. Our inner child can finally enjoy their favorite treats, tricks, and costumes. This day, all people, no matter their age, are amazed by the spooky atmosphere of ancient spirits having their fun. Cannabis producers seem to love this holiday as well—many of them have created special marijuana-infused edibles to fill the bowls of their customers.

Top 3 Halloween Recipes for Marijuana Devotees
Top 3 Halloween Recipes for Marijuana Devotees
Halloween night is dark and full of terrors. Let us cook the best Halloween treats to make it even more fun and scary!

If you want to enliven the holiday, you can buy some tasty infused edibles designed specifically for Halloween. The producers used their imagination effectively and created some very realistic and delicious treats for us. Fill your home with the wicked creations of talented chefs and make all your friends jealous.

There are many new Halloween products in the market. However, we chose only the best offerings for you.

Realistic Eyeballs

The undeniable leaders on the list of the holiday's treats are Edible Eyeball Cake Pops. The pops were created by the chef at Sweetheart Medibles.

If you like the scary part of Halloween as we all do, you will be delighted to have this kind of edibles on your table. The treats look like real eyeballs with a fork stuck in them. Yes, it looks somewhat disgusting, but these cake pops represent the spirit of the holiday perfectly. Moreover, you may choose the color of eyes you want to eat today. The treat comes in chocolate, red velvet, and confetti cake flavors.

In case you cannot find this product on the shelves of your dispensary, you can make the eyeballs yourself. Make the dough for your favorite cupcakes, roll it into small balls, and bake. Then, cover them in white chocolate. The tricky part is creating the iris, but we are sure that you can figure something out.

Frankenberry Bars

The special-edition cereal bars by Kief Krispy look nothing like the regular bars. In preparation for the holiday, the company created products that will relate to the holiday the most. We do not know what Frankenstein prefers to eat for breakfast, but it seems that the chefs at Kief Krispy believe he favors fresh and juicy human brains.

The new cereal bars may taste like strawberry-flavored milk, but they look really scary. The company is famous for delivering delicious edibles. However, this product stands out from all others and lures you with its Halloweenish look.

To impress your friends, dress like a Frankenstein and pop a couple of brain bars into your mouth. Your friends will be scared to death.

Recipe: Homemade Cannabis-Infused Crisp Cereal
Recipe: Homemade Cannabis-Infused Crisp Cereal
We know that marijuana devotees care about their health. That is why we try to surprise you with our favorite recipes for healthy marijuana-infused edibles. But today we decided to present you with a little treat—chocolate chip cookie cereal!

Spooky Ghost Snoogie Cake

The new marijuana-infused cakes from Snoog Life Company may be just mini-doughnuts, but they are decorated beautifully. What can be cuter than a little ghost holding a candy corn the size of itself? The small cakes are so adorable that you will save them for the end of the day unable to destroy such cuteness.

The Snoog Life Company created many other Halloween-themed treats that are all skillfully decorated. All of them are available in two dosages—50 mg and 100 mg of THC. Order them while you still have time.

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake

The last marijuana product is the jewel of our list. While all other edibles are small treats, this one is a big wedding cake. A Halloween cake is a beautiful addition to a themed wedding. The cake is amazing both inside and out. It is chocolate with cookies and buttercream filling.

The dessert is delicious. However, the decoration of this cake is even more appealing. We all love the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, you can enjoy the main characters of the movie on your wedding cake! Besides, the treat is infused with 4,000 mg of THC from Fire OG hash. Do not be surprised by the whopping amount of THC—the cake is massive.

If you cannot order any of these sweets, you can easily make infused Halloween treats yourself. Check out this amazing recipe for worms in dirt.

Recipe: Homemade Cannabis-Infused Halloween Worms and Dirt
Recipe: Homemade Cannabis-Infused Halloween Worms and Dirt
Halloween is a special holiday when you want all your food to be not only tasty but also spooky to make you and your guests plunge into the magical atmosphere of this day. Today, it is rather hard to impress your friends with some ghost-like cookies or creepy candies.

Mind that none of these sweets are meant to enter the baskets of the trick-or-treating kids.