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Mar 31, 2016 9:55 AM

Harvest Dispensary: Ultimately New Way of Buying Weed

This year, San Francisco got one brand-new medical marijuana dispensary—Harvest. Opened in January 2016, this place offers you an ultimately unique combination of a regular medical cannabis dispensary with a private member lounge zone. So once you enter Harvest, not only you can buy weed, but you can also enjoy your cannabis treatment and communicate with like-minded people.

Harvest is the very first boutique-style marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. Once you get inside, you are surrounded by the aromas of fresh wood and finest cannabis flowers. The interior of both dispensary and the lounge zone was created by the team of designers from San Francisco and Chicago. The place is light and full of air, and the windows look onto Geary Boulevard.

But the beauty of this boutique-style dispensary is not the only thing it may be proud of. Harvest offers you a large selection of the best medical marijuana products made of the finest plants grown in California. All the goods on the shelves of Harvest are tested and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Only those with a legally recognized medical cannabis ID or a verifiable written prescription from a physician can obtain cannabis-infused products from the dispensary. You can walk around, explore the variety of available goods, and enjoy the unusual experience. If you have any questions, Harvest's budtenders will gladly help you to make the right choice.

But if the boutique's doors are open for all the medical marijuana users, the lounge zone is completely private. It is a spacious room attached to the store that only members of the community are allowed to enter. This place can be almost anything you want it to be. Those who want to find a like-minded friend, however, may interact with other customers and share their medical weed experience. And there are a few comfortable work areas with all the amenities of a modern social club, created for those who are looking for a quiet workspace without any disturbing distractions.