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Apr 1, 2016 9:55 AM

Hawaiian Sativa Strain Review

Created on the Big Island of Hawai'i, this strain is perfect for those who want to get cerebral and energetic effects along with a delicious and sweet flavor.Hawaiian Sativa Strain Review

Growing the magic

Despite most of the cannabis breeding being done without much documentation of landrace genetics (not to mention, it was mostly done illegally) during the last 30 years, it is still possible to find pure sativa strains in dispensaries, though it not always easy to do. Hawaiian Sativa is one of these pure sativas that has been carefully and patiently bred and stabilized for a couple of dozens of years on Vancouver Island.

To tell the truth, Hawaiian Sativa is not the easiest and fastest strain to grow. But those who know the real value of these plants know that it is well worth the effort.

To get the yield from an average indica strain, you will have to wait for 45-60 days. Most sativa strains can require up to ten weeks. In this regard, Hawaiian Sativa is typical of its kind. But the good thing is, most cultivators use so-called “perpetual harvest” to make sure they always have a fresh supply of this strain.

An average Hawaiian Sativa plant is eight feet tall with only a few branches: its overall shape is reminiscent of that of a cactus.As it was mentioned before, it starts flowering in 10-12 weeks. From an outdoor plant, you can expect to get about eight ounces (224 grams) of yield. If you are growing your marijuana indoors, it will provide you something like three-quarters of an ounce (21 grams)—an unimpressive quantity to say the least.

What can you expect?

Hawaiian Sativa has a very distinct citrus aroma and flavor with some sweet-candy hues. It helps you feel very energetic; after consuming Hawaiian Sativa in the morning you will most likely feel fresh and vigorous during the rest of the day. It really can help you with the fatigue that usually (or sometimes even inevitably) comes if you have been working for a long time without a vacation. It also helps you to acquire an optimistic outlook on life during the gloomy winter days. Not that it makes you feel like a happy clown, it is really well-balanced to give you just enough energy boost and mental power to be, for example, a perfect office worker during the day.

So, to make your ordinary office day much more satisfying and effective, you may have a joint of Hawaiian Sativa and a cup of black coffee with your breakfast. The sweetness of the strain will perfectly balance your strong espresso, and your commuting would be much less stressful. Do not forget to take the usual breakfast though, you need some calories to make your stomach function well.

How does it work?

Once you light your joint, you will immediately taste a very sweet flavor of the strain with a slightly noticeable hint of pine. With the aftertaste comes the next shade of flavor, a minty one. It will tingle on your tongue while you feel the first flow of energy running through your body.

The citrus taste and smell comes only with the next puff. With every second it becomes stronger and stronger, accompanied by the mental stimulation. Suddenly, you may see the perfect way how to do all your numerous day tasks in the most efficient manner. You may find out how to solve the problems you a faced with or what exactly you need to say to delegate the tasks that steal your precious time. The effect of morning joint of Hawaiian Sativa is similar to a small brainstorm, invisible for others, powerful for you.

When it comes to price, you can expect to find a gram of Hawaiian Sativa for $9, $25 for eighth, and $50 for a quarter.

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